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Търг 'Warehouse Liquidation of Workshop Equipment Dealer FREUTEK - Free Shipping to most European Countries!': партида номер 37 FREUTEK LON0002 Drill Bit Sharpener - MR ф2-13mm Италия, 10071 Borgaro Torinese (TO)

06-30-2022, 10:07 часa
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Gabriela Angelova (Manager Customer Care)
Gabriela Angelova & Екип
Детайли за машината
Име FREUTEK LON0002 Drill Bit Sharpener - MR ф2-13mm
Артикулен номер 751726
Производител FREUTEK
Модел / Вид LON0002
Дата на производство 2021
Артикулът е достъпен от Immediately
Състояние на артикула
Място Да се показва на картата Италия, 10071 Borgaro Torinese (TO)
Да се показва на картата
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Описание на артикула
Grinding is accurate and rapid, easy operation with no skill to grind. With diamond grinding wheel, it can be equipped directly with an accurate angle and long service life. The electrically controlled and powerful DC motor: stable frequency, strong horsepower and long service life. Bearing shaft and locking unit. The machine is set up with the function of adjusting a point (central point) size, which can effectively coordinate with the material of drill hole and the rotation speed. It can control the quality precision and prolong the service life of the drill bit. Standard with CBN grinding wheel for the HSS material, Optional SDC grinding wheel for the carbide material. Grinding Range:Φ3-Φ13, Point Angle:100°~135°, Power:AC220V, Motor:120W, Speed:4400rpm, Dimension:32x18x19 cm, Weight:9kg, Standard Equipment:Grinding wheel:CBN (for HSS)×1, Eleven collets:Φ3,Φ4,Φ5,Φ6,Φ7,Φ8,Φ9,Φ10,Φ11,Φ12,Φ13

NOTE: Free shipping to many European countries. Details can be found in the Special Terms & Conditions of this auction. Approximate shipping time: 15 working days after settlement. Покажи превода
Автоматичен превод
Технически детайли
Приблизителни размери 320 x 180 x 190 мм
Приблизително тегло 10 кг
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Gabriela Angelova (Manager Customer Care)
Gabriela Angelova & Екип
Разходи и услуги
Цени за демонтаж и товарене (обвързващи) 203.00 €
Разходи по транспорта не са включени
Условия за доставка FCA Borgaro Torinese (TO), натоварен на камион
Условия на плащане 100% плащане преди вземане
Информация Piedmont, Italy

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