Търг 'Machines and Accessories (Metalworking) - France': партида номер 5 HURON K2X8-F 5 Axis Machining Centre Франция, регион Vendée

05-26-2021, 14:02 часa
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Детайли за машината
Име HURON K2X8-F 5 Axis Machining Centre
Артикулен номер 652759
Производител HURON
Модел / Вид K2X8-F
Топ артикул
Артикул с лична препоръка
Видео 1, Видео 2, Видео 3, Видео 4, Видео 5, Видео 6, Видео 7, Видео 8
Дата на производство 2006
Артикулът е достъпен от immediately
Състояние на артикула
Място Франция, регион Vendée
Описание на артикула
NUMERICAL CONTROL SIEMENS 840 D. Numerically controlled milling centre, 5 axes. Cast iron structural elements. Structure with fixed gantry with a mobile X-axis carriage, bench with a 45° birotating table and mobile Y-axis (admissible table load = 500kg for a table Ø = 500 mm), Z-slide supporting an electro-spindle. Travel stroke : X=650 mm / Y=700 mm / Z=450 mm / axis A=-45°-180° / axis B=360°. Guides: Guide rails with 4 ball bearing runners on the X and Y axis and 6 roller runners on the Z axis with ball circulation allow travel speeds of up to 50 m/min. Feed control: Linear axes controlled by AC digital motors and drives coupled directly to the end of precision ball screws. Rotary axes controlled directly by torque motors. Centralised automatic greasing of the ball screw nuts. Electrical equipment: Voltage 400 V ± 10 % / Neutral TN / Frequency 50 Hz ± 2 %. Hydraulic equipment for releasing the tool and the rotary axes. Incremental linear measurement with optical scale. Resolution 0.001 mm. Rotary axis measurement with rotary encoder, 0.001° resolution. Spindle 24.000 rpm - 18kW. Vibration monitoring on electro-spindle. Tool magazine 60 places. High-frequency workpiece probe measuring system. LASER NANO tool measurement probe on structure. Ethernet network. ShopMil (2-axis conversational programming ½ ). SINCOM software (communication between NC and host computer). Filtration unit with high pressure watering 50 bars. Low-pressure watering by nozzles with watering and washing tank for the Q5 recovery of the chips. Washing gun. Full fairing. Chip conveyor. Centralised oil mist suction. At the time of purchase in 2006: machine complying with the provisions of the amended Machinery Directive 98/37 and the national legislation transposing it. Note : the CN was coupled with an EROWA ERS310 palletised system (Pos 3) WORKS TO BE PLANNED : Repairing the pipework part, engine cooling, turret control (the machine works very well without engine cooling because it is used for "positioned" machining). Includes: spare parts
Технически детайли
Приблизителни размери 6,100 x 3,600 x 2,700 мм
Приблизително тегло 10,500 кг
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Такса за търга 18 %
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Условия за доставка FCA, натоварен на камион
Цени за демонтаж и товарене 3,890 € (обвързващи)
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