OMAR BF50 PLUS Blister Packaging Machine

OMAR BF50 PLUS Blister Packaging Machine
Артикулен номер
Модел / Вид
1._BF50_Plus_Manuale_uso_e_manutenzione_ITA_R0_2021.pdf 5._BF50_Plus_Tabella_passi_ITA_R0_2021.pdf
Дата на производство
Артикулът е достъпен от
Състояние на артикула
Италия, 38121 Trento
Цени за демонтаж и товарене (незадължителни)
1,000.00 €
Разходи по транспорта
не са включени
Условия за доставка
EXW Trento, демонтирането и товаренето са задача на клиента и машината е неопакована и може да е завинтена / фиксирана в основата си
Условия на плащане
100% плащане преди вземане
Приблизителни размери
2,470 x 1,830 x 2,030 мм
Приблизително тегло
700 кг
The OMAR blister machine model BF50 PLUS has a simplified and functional layout

Developed and built with careful evaluation and attention to detail, BF50 Plus is a compact blister machine which now allows the customer to develop and produce industrial quality blisters even on small production batches.

Versatility is present in the BF50 Plus in the possibility of increasing the production speed during the work cycles and changing the set up of the machine from plastic blisters to ALU-ALU blisters with a button on the touch screen panel.
It is enough to query the PLC mounted on the machine to understand how easily an operator can work with this machine.

To simplify format change times, a kit of molds designed and created to be quickly inserted into the machine and change an entire format in about 20 minutes.
The formatting, on the other hand, is managed entirely by PLC, the pitch change and the processing parameters.

150 x 100 depth 10/15 mm - 1 blister per rebate (PVC-ALU / ALU-ALU)
100 x 70 depth 10/15 mm - 2 blisters per ledge (PVC-ALU / ALU-ALU)
100 x 40 depth 10/15 mm - 3 blisters per ledge (PVC-ALU / ALU-ALU)

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OMAR BF50 PLUS Blister Packaging Machine
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