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HAINBUCH Chuck for lathe and collets size. 65
INDEX VDI20/VDI25 fixtures + powered fixtures + accessories
BENZ 2x VDI-30 mounts (ER chuck + ER chuck angle head)
INDEX 3x powered VDI25 mounts
Německo, 99625 Kölleda
INDEX 3x powered VDI25 mounts
KOMET 30x insert turning holder / insert carrier tool + 220x insert (new)
KOMET 12x WSP boring bars + WSP boring tools + 250+ WSP (new)
ISCAR 8x WSP cutter head + WSP screw-in milling cutter (20/32/52mm, all new)
KENNAMETAL WSP cutter heads/shank/disc/porcupine cutters +200x WSP
WALTER 12x insert cutter heads / end mills + 200+ new inserts
WALTER 16x drill bits (D=12 to 28mm) + drill bits P6001
SANDVIK 12x insert solid drill + 80+ inserts (new)
CERAM TEC more than 400 ceramic turning inserts + 14x WSP turning holder suitable
MAPAL over 300x inserts (new)
Německo, 99625 Kölleda
MAPAL over 300x inserts (new)
SANDVIK over 300x milling inserts (new)
ARNO over 80x solid carbide end mills (D=4 to 20mm)
FETTE Large lot of HSS/E cylindrical end mills/disc/angle milling cutters
AURA approx. 200x new indexable inserts for screw-in milling cutters
GARANT Drawer contents over 200x VHM + HSS end mills (2 to 32mm)
HAINBUCH 16x collets ZW + 65BZI + collets etc.
GÜHRING over 400x twist drills (all new, many different sizes)
WIDIA 5x WSP cutter head + 200+ milling inserts
TUNGALOY 22x WSP cutter heads + over 70x WSP
ISCAR Insert boring/boring system + insert holder etc. + insert (NEW)
DEPO 26x recordings + matching WSP screw-in cutters (+ solid carbide screw-in cutters)
(approx. 200x) indexable inserts for milling
Německo, 99625 Kölleda
(approx. 200x) indexable inserts for milling
KENNAMETAL Large lot of HTS solid drills (D=42 to 122) +++
VARDEX WSP thread milling cutter (steel+VHM) + suitable WSP
P HORN 30x circular milling attachments + HSK63-A mount + 60x WSP (new)
SCHUNK 30x cylindrical collets/intermediate sleeves
GARANT over 20x WSP end mills / cutter heads + indexable inserts
GARANT over 80x MK 1 to 4 clamping sleeves (from MK to cylindrical up to 20mm)
SCHUNK Lathe chuck / drawbar chuck HSL 210-52 (d=210mm)
SANDVIK Drawer Contents Insert Turning Holders/Boring Bars + 230+ Inserts (New)
CERATIZIT approx. 30x WSP turning holder / turning holder f. + WSP
MIMATIC 23x collet holders ER25 (mostly new) + collets
POKOLM XDHW 10T310 (approx. 150x) indexable inserts for milling
WIDIA 18x insert cutter heads/end mills/insert disk milling cutters + 130 inserts
INGERSOLL 25x recordings/reductions/insert cutter heads/solid drills/milling cutters
KOMET 80x boring steels / boring steel (new/unused, 8 to 18mm)
TITEX approx. 65x HSS + VHM (D= 25 to 100mm) + saw blade mounts
WNT over 100x solid carbide micro drills (d=0.4 to 4.0mm), all new
EWS 4x VDI40 recordings + suitable 18x ER32 collets
(2x) Lot 4-jaw lathe chuck
Německo, 99625 Kölleda
(2x) Lot 4-jaw lathe chuck
DIPROFIL 80x diamond tools, see description, all new
AURA 50x solid carbide torus milling cutter + solid carbide ball milling cutter (long/extra long, new)
INT-CT-SWISS over 20x insert countersinks/countersinks
EHRLICH-TOOLS 30x MK 1/2/3/4 - reducing sleeves short/long + drill chuck mount.
SANDVIK 5x VDI30 recordings + suitable 37x WSP (new) + 14x collets
EWS 5x VDI20 recordings, see description + matching collets
LOC-LINE Flexi -Modular hose system
Německo, 99625 Kölleda
LOC-LINE Flexi -Modular hose system