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Tool Warehouse Liquidation
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A strong partner for the trade

It is not always possible to avoid workshop liquidations in the trade. The liquidation of a company usually occurs due to insolvency or lack of a successor. Thereby, the human challenge should not be underestimated. Often there is a life’s work for sale, in which the owner has put all his energies.

Surplex cannot relieve the master craftsman of all his worries. But as a strong partner with 20 years of market experience, we can help you make the best out of the liquidation. A team of 200 experts at eleven European locations will also make your workshop liquidation a success. Whether joinery, glaziery, metal construction or other trades - we always achieve optimal results for our customers!

Full service in purchasing and selling

Surplex is specialised in both metalworking and woodworking. We are the No. 1 in Europe in both areas when it comes to workshop closures. Our lead is based on digital competence and comprehensive service. Both go hand in hand. Both serve your success. Both should be used for your workshop liquidation!

Surplex holds more than 500 online auctions annually. More than 55,000 assets change hands: from high-quality CNC milling machines to conventional lathes and well-tended joinery lathes. With we not only operate the auction platform with the highest sales in the industry but also offer ISO-certified services that you will only find at Surplex! This benefits buyers and sellers alike.

Workshop liquidations: Purchase & Sale
Workshop liquidations: Purchase & Sale

In addition to the sale of used machinery and other industrial goods, Surplex also offers professional handling of workshop liquidations.

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