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6 easy ways to optimize revenues

Define scope of Article

1. Defining scope of the article
Determine which products are to be delivered

Contact us

2. Contact us
We take the time to understand your needs, and will work with you to find an optimal solution

Provide information or enter your data

3. Provide information or enter your data
After discussing the procedure with you, send information on to us regarding each item, for example special features of the loading area etc. Depending on the type and size of the project, a provision of the information and images are required to be able to provide a detailed guide. The more detailed and complete this information is, the better and faster we can present your products on our platform

Sign contract documents

4. Sign contract documents
You will receive a contract precisely tailored to your needs, paving the way for optimal revenue

Keeping you updated

5. Keeping you updated
While your items are offered on our platform, we constantly keep you updated and informed about all the latest developments. You also have the option of keeping your article about our special dispensing account at any time

Project completion & Revenue Payment

6. Project completion & Revenue Payment
If your items have been sold, we will inform you not only about sales history and proceeds obtained, but also take care of all other necessary steps - whether this means tax transfer, request and allocation of each payment or coordination of collections: keep a clear head for more important things

Surplex purchases, auctions off or markets on your behalf!

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Purchase of used machines

On request, Surplex buys used machinery, equipment and complete production packages. The sale of a used machine to Surplex is the fastest way for you to achieve short-term liquidity, to make room for a new machine or to relieve yourself from the often lengthy search for a buyer. We value your used machines and pay market prices.

Auction of Used Machinery

Surplex online auctions are a good choice when complete operating stocks (incl. Equipment) need to be sold or if machinery must be delivered promptly. Auctions are our daily business. You benefit from maximum attention as well as professional and speedy implementation within a very short time. There are also no additional location costs for the purchase.


When revenue maximization is your priority rather the fastest speed of sale, marketing your machinery with us can be extremely useful. Marketed machines remain on sale until a fair value has been offered, while also finding a higher level of exposure as a result of longer on-line listings on our web platform. The marketing option therefore is especially suitable for very valuable machines, special machines and very large systems which can be delivered without time pressures.
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