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GMC 133 Automatic Profiling Line for Windows

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Machine details

Name   GMC 133 Automatic Profiling Line for Windows
Item No.   362380
Manufacturer   GMC
Model / Type   133
Year of manufacture   2009
Machine available from   immediately
Machine condition   unchecked
Machine location   80011 Acerra, Italien

Technical details

Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.   108000 x 15000 x 3200 mm
Weight approx.   50000 kg


Capacity productions around 2 complete profiles per minute, profiles measures min. 270 x 45 x 35 mm, max. 3000 x 150 x 100 mm, 8 Electrical panels total power 581 kw, 3 CNC stations, air consumption 4000 l/min, automated process by inserting Microchip on the single profile, recognition profiles via antenna, in line processing with profiling, tenoning, drilling and automatic brushing , automated cycle with Stakers, LINE COMPOSED OF: AUTOMATIC OPTIMIZER CROSS CUT SAW WITH PUSHER, brand CURSAL mod. TRV 1700P-500 serial n. 088639, passage max. 120 x 300 mm, feeding 10/40 mt/min, Multi Axis CNC SIAX 2000, PRINTER REA JET ST 2000, AUTOMATIC MULTI-PROFILES STACKER 32 positions x 10 floors with load lifter, Brand TECNO SERVIZI ENERGIA model BUFFER ORDINATORE serial no. 2009/PR01, OPTICAL READER FOR QUALITY PROFILES, TRANSFERT TURNING DEVICE motorized rollers with intermediate buffer, DRILLING/INSERTING RFID MICROCHIP MACHINE, power 5.6 kw, serial no. 6005, for recognition of the profile on each machine of the line, ANTENNA'S PROFILE READING, PLANER 4 FACES 7 SHAFTS brand GMC mod. GSR-170, Serial no. 6007, 40 mm diameter trees, 6000 rpm, working width 35-150 mm, height 10-100 mm, feed 6/24 mt/min, TRANSFERT motorized rollers with intermediate buffer and pliers, TENONING MACHINE LEFT SIDE 6 Shafts Serial n. 6010, automatic tool changer with 12 positions, double shoulder steel, shaft diameter 40 and 50 mm, MACHINE TENONING RIGHT SIDE 6 shafts, serial No. 6012, TRANSFERT TURNING DEVICE, SANDING MACHINE brand ITALMECCANICA mod. PROFILWOOD TOPMAK6B, 6 disc units, 3 upper and 3 lower, TRANSFER motorized rollers with intermediate buffer, HINGES DRILLING MACHINE serial no. 6013, 2 vertical groups 1.7 kw, max 35 mm tool, LINEAR DRILLING MACHINE Serial no. 6015, 1 drilling unit sx, 1 dx, 1 lower unit, METAL DETECTOR brand CEIA mod. THS, serial no. 972.174, MOULDING MACHINE PROFIX 2008 DX, 5 UNITS, serial no. 6017, steel structure, CNC stacker with Brushless axes, pneumatic pressure system of profiles, longitudinal moulding unit, operators engines with stroke of 4000 mm with CNC brushless axis, slide on guides and spheres, additional independent motors, MOULDING MACHINE PROFIX 2008 SX, 5 UNITS, serial no. 6019, 180 ° TRANSFER with motorized rollers, HEADS DRILLING MACHINE CNC, serial no. 6014, 2 drilling units 2.9 kw each, tool 5-8 mm, OPTICAL READER FOR QUALITY PROFILES, AUTOMATIC MULTILEVEL STAKER 10 Levels, brand BARBIERI MAURO mod. BUFFER MULTIPIANO, type 9000/10P, serial no. 106,003, max 3000 mm length, TRANSFER with motorized rollers, brand ITALMECCANICA BRUSHING MACHINE mod. PROFILWOOD TOP6B, serial no. 2009-A13, n. 2 units dx, n. 2 units sx, 2 upper units, n. 2 lower units, TRANSFERT with motorized rollers with intermediate buffer, NAILS INSERTING MACHINE, serial no. 021, plastic nail 15 x 130 mm, for the workpiece support with n. 2 nails used for the insertion on a support useful to the next painting cycle, SEE PDF for technical details and LAYOUT

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