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Auction 'Surplex Metalworking Auction (Europe)': lot no. 2 HAUSER S3 Coordinate Grinding Machine

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Name: HAUSER S3 Coordinate Grinding Machine
Item No.: 523106
Manufacturer: HAUSER
Model / Type: S3
Year of manufacture: 1991
Machine available from: immediately
Machine condition:
Location: Netherlands, NL7101ND Winterswijk
HAUSER S3 Coordinate Grinding Machine: Workspace: Travel X, Y 400 X 250 mm Vertical travel of the grinding head (W) 450 mm Stroke of the spindle sleeve (Z), steplessly adjustable up to 120 mm with DC drive (expansion stage) up to 100 mm Passage between grinding motor (45S) and table 0- 500 mm Distance between spindle center and stand 340 mm Radial fine feed (U) up to 6 mm Grinding diameter with grinding wheel ø100 mm u. Boom plate, max. 360mm, conical grinding, included angle, max. 16 ° Table: Usable area 600 X 380 mm Permitted load, max. 300 kg feeds: Table and cross slide (X, Y) DC drive, continuously adjustable 2- 1500 mm / min Vertical adjustment of the grinding head (W), approx. 900 mm / min Grinding spindle: Diameter of the spindle sleeve 100 mm Spindle speeds grinding motors, infinitely adjustable 4500 - 80000 rpm Turbines, adjustable up to 100000 u.160000 rpm Planet speed (C), continuously adjustable 5- 250 rpm Speed ​​of the alternating stroke movement (Z) infinitely adjustable 15 - 7500 mm Fine feed in the Z-axis with DC drive (expansion stage) infinitely adjustable, approx. 05-150 mm / min Measuring Systems: Axes X and Y Linear Inductosyn Resolution 0.001 mm Axis Z: Depth stop, reading on sub-drum 0.01 mm Final mass system (accessory) Reading on dial gauge 0.01 mm Linear Inductosyn (expansion), resolution 0.001 mm Installation conditions: Installed power 6.5 kW Air requirement (suction volume of the compressor) 12 approx. M3 / h Necessary network pressure bar 5.5
Weight approx.: 2800 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 2650 x 1700 x 2850 mm
auction fee: 15%
VAT: *plus VAT
Delivery terms: FCA Winterswijk, loaded on truck
Cost Dismantling & Loading: 1,200€ (binding)
Shipping costs: not included
Payment terms: 100% payment prior to collection
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