MEBA MEBA swing 260 DG Band Saw

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Machine details

Name   MEBA MEBA swing 260 DG Band Saw
Item No.   358494
Manufacturer   MEBA
Model / Type   MEBA swing 260 DG
Year of manufacture   2013
Machine available from   immediately
Machine condition   good
Machine location   46342 Velen, Deutschland

Technical details

Weight approx.   710 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.   800x1600x1600 mm


Band saw Semi-automatic: Demonstration machine, as new condition. Equipment: - Fast miter adjustment from 30 ° - 150 ° infinitely to 0.5 ° accuracy According to scale. The miter point is the point of intersection between the saw band and Material installation, therefore no change in length. - End stops at 30 ° + 45 ° to the left and 30 ° + 45 ° to the right - Manual material tensioning. At each angular position of the saw frame the Material parallel in 90 ° tensioned - Cutting pressure reduction by the weight of the heavy, torsionally rigid Sawing frame and fine adjustment depending on material cross - section via hydraulic Damping cylinder. - Machine stand with chip collecting tank - Saw-belt drive with final cut-off - Precise saw blade-hard metal roller guideSpecial equipment: - Hydraulic lifting of the saw Laser 2 speeds 35/75 m / min Saw blade dimensions 3350x27x0.9 mm Cutting range at 90 degrees: about 260 mm Cutting range at 90 degrees: flat 300x260 mm Cutting range at 45 degrees: about 200 mm Cutting area at 45 degrees: flat 180x180 mm Cutting range at 30 degrees: about 130 mm Cutting range at 30 degrees: flat 120x120 mm Rest length without bundle tension - manual 25 mm Smallest diameter 5 mm Working height 900 mm Total power requirement 1.1 / 1.8 kW
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