Auction 'KUPER Stock Machines (Part 4)': lot no. 89 BARGSTEDT TBH 20/EQ/25/08 Feeding - Stacking
Germany, 33397 Rietberg

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20/10/2020, 10:39
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Gabriela Angelova (Manager Customer Care)
Gabriela Angelova & team
Machine details
Name BARGSTEDT TBH 20/EQ/25/08 Feeding - Stacking
Item No. 606133
Manufacturer BARGSTEDT
Model / Type TBH 20/EQ/25/08
Top lot
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Year of manufacture 1993
Machine available from immediately
Machine condition
Location Show on map Germany, 33397 Rietberg
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technical data:

panel dimensions:     max. 2350 x 800 mm
                      min.  300 x 280 mm
                      thickness 10 - 30 mm

kind of panel:        furniture parts veneered
                      or laminated

weight:               max. 50 kgs/layer

capacity, depending on feed speed of used
processing machine and panel width as well as
panel thickness, at this results in case of belt speed
of 70 m/min.
in case of panel thickness 10 - 16 mm: approx. 17 cycle/min.
in case of panel thickness 16 - 30 mm: approx. 15 cycle/min.

fixed edge:            lefthand

surface material   :  0 mm

stach height at
roller conveyor:      here at the fixed edge
                      protection board edge has to conform
                      to stack side edge

protection board
thickness:            constant, manual adjustable,
                      min. approx. 19 mm

stack arrangement:    1 part in stack

stack height:         up to 1600 mm

total height:         2600 mm

operating voltage:    400 V, 50 Hz
control voltage:      230 Volt, 50 Hz
                      24 Volt, DC
                      installed as per VDE

lacquering:           Robustik structure lacquer green
mobile parts:         Robustik structure lacquer yellow

foundation:           industiral concrete flooring,
                      steel laminated, thickness 150 mm
                      quality B 25

pitless, for drilling lines (fixed edge lefthand)
up to 50 kgs weight and approx. 15 - 17 cycles/min.

1 cross belt conveyor with 2 belt arms,
manual adjsutable accoring to panel length
driven through regulation gear motor
(F = 15 - 90 m/min.)

1 transfer roller conveyor
TFR 60/G/28/09/22
width approx. 2300 mm
length approx. 900 mm
pressure rolls from top
cycle fence

1 lift- and sinkable single panel roller conveyor with
side stop, guided on vertical guides,
lift- and sinkable, driven trhough gear motor
with post-switched sliding crank, roller conveyor
drive through gear motor via flat belt.

1 centralized thickness adjustment for suction carriage,
adjustable to panel thickness for taking-over of panels.

1 vacuum suction carriag for min. panel dimensions
300 x 280 mm, at 2 driving rails in cross direction
through a collective drive with lift- and sinkable
roller conveyor for single panels

1 lifting platform with driven stack roller conveyor
and portection board supply for single protection boards
or palettes (F = 12 m/min.)
stack changing time 35 sec. stack height up to 1600 mm

1 electrical control for total run,
equipped in contactor technic with PLC-Siemens
switch cabinet integrated in framework stacking station
Technical details
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 3,500 x 2,500 x 2,400 mm
Weight approx. 3,900 kg
Do you have any questions in relation to the machine? Please contact us.
Gabriela Angelova (Manager Customer Care)
Gabriela Angelova & team
Costs and benefits
auction fee 18%
VAT plus VAT
Delivery terms FCA Rietberg, loaded on truck
Cost Dismantling & Loading 200€ (binding)
Shipping costs not included
Payment terms 100% payment prior to collection
Pick up
Date Monday, 02/11/2020 to
Thursday, 05/11/2020, from 08:00 to 15:00

Friday, 06/11/2020 to
Friday, 06/11/2020, from 08:00 to 12:00

Monday, 26/10/2020 to
Thursday, 29/10/2020, from 08:00 to 15:00

Friday, 30/10/2020 to
Friday, 30/10/2020, from 08:00 to 12:00
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