Auction 'Woodworking, Construction & Metalworking Machines - Austria': lot no. 9 HOMAG CH 04/38/38/E Panel Saw Austria, 2281 Raasdorf

26/01/2022, 11:08
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Item details
Name HOMAG CH 04/38/38/E Panel Saw
Item number 715588
Manufacturer HOMAG
Model / Type CH 04/38/38/E
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Year of manufacture 1998
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Item condition
Location Show on map Austria, 2281 Raasdorf
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Item description
HOMAG CH 04/38/38/E panel saw Electronic panel saw for longitudinal and cross-sections, for rip-free and dimensionally accurate of coated and uncoated panels. panels. Equipped with main and scoring saw, program slider with 5 pneumatic collets and rear workpiece workpiece support with roller conveyors. ANGULAR PRESSURE DEVICE AGAINST ANGULAR RULER Automatic pressure device with roller, guarantees the right-angled cross-cutting, max. workpiece width with pressure device: 120-1200 mm GRAPHIC CONTROL Machine control with graphic display of cutting lengths. LCD display, cut editor with cutting plan display, manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic operation possible. Memory capacity 90 cutting lengths with up to 30 different dimensions. Installation ex works. Equipped with 2 step height adjustments of the main saw blade, switch-off of the scorer saw carriage feed control. TECHNICAL DATA cutting width standard 3800 mm cutting length 3800 mm cutting height 30/60 mm main saw blade diameter 350x75 mm scoring saw blade diameter 180x45 mm Main saw blade speed 4600 rpm scoring saw blade diameter 5100 rpm saw motor power 7,5 kW scoring saw motor 1,1 kW program slide speed 0,6/24 m/min Saw carriage feed, forward feed 6-32 m/min return 32 m/min 1 fixed, coated front table 1000 x 400 mm 2 movable, coated front tables 1000 x 300 mm operating voltage 380 V, 50 Hz Control voltage 24 V DC Floor conditions min. 5 Kp/cm2 Cross-section of supply cable 5 x 6 mm2 Special equipment ----------------- 1 AIR CUSHION TABLE FOR CH 04 3 air cushion tables 1800 x 600 mm, equipped with a central fan under the rear rear machine table. Can be switched off individually. Connected load: approx. 1,5 KW. 1 GROOVING DEVICE Revolver system with adjustable groove depth.- Condition: untested The machine was built in our warehouse and is so far in working condition. Attention on the photo where you see the display is still a strip. This was rapaired and is no longer visible

Viewing: Thursday,20.01.2022, by appointment at
Collection: Wednesday, 09.02.2022 from 09.00 am until 02.00 pm, provided that the payment deadline is met.
Payment deadline: Wednesday, 02.02.2022
Location: A-2281 Raasdorf
Technical details
cutting height 30/60 mm
main saw blade 350x75 mm
scoring saw blade 180x45 mm
saw carriage speed forward 6+32 m/min
saw carriage speed reverse 32 m/min
program fence speed forward 0,6/24 m/min
main motor 7,5 kW
scoring saw 1,1 kW
dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 9,000 x 2,400 x 1,700 mm
weight approx. 5,000 kg
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Costs and benefits
Dismantling & loading costs (binding) 150.00 €
Shipping costs not included
Delivery terms FCA Raasdorf, loaded on truck
Payment terms 100% payment prior to collection
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