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HOMAG Profi BAZ 20/50/14/V/GA CNC Machining Centre (Wood)

The auction is closed.

The auction is closed
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HOMAG Profi BAZ 20/50/14/V/GA CNC Machining Centre (Wood)
Item number
Model / Type
Profi BAZ 20/50/14/V/GA
Year of manufacture
Item available from
march 2023
Item condition
Germany, 49163 Bohmte
Dismantling & loading costs (binding)
3,500.00 €
Shipping costs
not included
Delivery terms
FCA Bohmte, loaded on truck
Payment terms
100% payment prior to collection
working width y-axis
1,400 mm
working height z-axis
60 mm
working length x-axis
5,800 mm
drilling spindels vertical x-axis
11 pieces
drilling spindles vertical y-axis
7 pieces
vacuum pump
140 m³/h
toolchanger positions
total electrical load
36 kW
5-axis machining
Number of vacuum pumps
2 pieces
Integrated C-axis
535 mm
path-feed rate max. X-axis
80 m/min
path-feed rate max. Y-axis
80 m/min
path-feed rate max. Z-axis
30 m/min
edge gluing unit
Homatic CNC-System NC83 mit SPS-Steuerung
dimensions (l x w x h) approx.
11,250 x 5,500 x 2,600 mm
weight approx.
9,000 kg
PROFI BAZ20/50/14 V /GA
machine: 0-201-14-1624

electronically controlled routing and edge banding, finishing and drilling centre for commissioned production of furniture parts, solid wood or similar materials.

  • machine bed in heavy stable design with compact linear guide system.
  • backlash-free preloaded rack drives and digital AC servo motors in the X and Y axes.
  • aggregate carrier with linear guide system, recirculating ball screw and digital AC servo motor for positioning the Z-axis, travel 535 mm
  • automatic central lubrication for all drives and linear guides
  • designed for mounting the various table variations

  • free-standing control cabinet
  • control unit mounted on the control cabinet (optional free-standing - VK No. 7003)
  • installed according to european standard EN 60204
  • connection cable to the machine according to installation plan
  • operating voltage 380/400 volts, 50/60 Hz.
  • country-specific operating voltage adjustment via transformer (Vk-No. 6103)
  • control voltage 24 volts If the operating voltage +/- 5% cannot be maintained, a voltage stabiliser must be installed at the machine operator's expense.
  • prescribed ambient temperature + 5 to + 35 degrees Cels.

  • homatic CNC-system PC 83 with SPS-control
  • industrial computer  with 128 MB RAM
  • 1 SCSI hard disk 9,2 GByte
  • 1 SCSI hard disk 9,2 GByte for data backup
  • 1 CD Rom disk drive
  • 1 floppy disk drive 
  • 17" colour monitor with PC-compatible keyboard
  • Operating system Windows NT 4.0
  • CNC path control 3 D - linear interpolation 2 1/2 D - circular interpolation
  • 4 Axis control (X, Y, Z, C) C-axis as drag axis to X-, Y-axis
  • input measuring system metric
  • interpolation range: +/- 200 m
  • feed control (override) possible at any time / alarm texts in plain text

  • programming of parts according to DIN 66025
  • almost unlimited programme memory up to 8-digit alphanumeric programme names
  • parameter programming with up to 99 free parameters
  • look-ahead function during path travel, thus optimum speed at the transitions
  • programming and changing of programmes during production.
  • hiding or skipping of programme sets or programme blocks
  • automatic approach to the reference point
  • network connection e.g. Arcnet or Ethernet via additional card (option)
  • ladder diagram diagnosis on monitor


with this software package CNC-programs for the CNC-control can be adjusted graphically interactive. It contains the following

  • convenient, fully menu-guided user interface
  • contour generation via integrated contour train programming
  • mass input via abso-lute values or via variables for easy generation of variants (variant program.)
  • menu-guided selection of individual machining operations / graphic display of the programmed workpiece directly on the screen during input
  • automatic mirroring of the parts with the exception of edge banding and flush milling
  • automatic swivelling of the gluing part to avoid collisions with the workpieceThe programmes created in this way cannot yet be processed. they have to be translated into machine language DIN 66025 by using a postprocessor for the respective machine.

  • in conjunction with the WOODWOP CNC programming system, the postprocessor generates CNC programs in DIN 66025 for a HOMAG processing centre with edge banding and finishing.

  • from B-20/402 Water ring vacuum pumps with 66 m3/h each (corresponds to the capacity of a 100 m3/h rotary vane vacuum pump)
  • pneumatic connection R 1/2 inch, 7 bar
  • maximum travel speeds:
  • max. 80 m/min. in X and Y direction
  • max. 30 m/min. in Z-direction
  • the performance of the machine depends on the individual machining steps.

  • workpiece length with BAZ20/50/../V
  • max. 5800 mm with single occupancy
  • max. 2200 mm with pendulum loading

Workpiece width:
  • BAZ20/../14 max. 1400 mm
  • workpiece thickness with edge max. 60 mm without edge max. 60 mm with standard clamp without edge max. 120 mm with clamping templates

(customer side)
  • chamfer milling min. 12 mm with radius milling min. 16 mm or 2 x radius + 10 mm
  • the min. workpiece size depends on the clamping devices used and on the surface and contour of the workpiece. If necessary, consult with HOMAG.
  • floor conditions must correspond to the foundation plan

  • the process technology is strongly influenced by the edging material. there fore, only edge material of good quality should be used. It is also important that the edge material is optimally adapted to the workpiece geometry with the appropriate hotmelt adhesive. depending on the workpiece geometry, back-lamination may be necessary.
  • programming errors on CNC-controlled machining centres can damage the machine. We therefore recommend taking out machine insurance (AMB) before commissioning.
  • a reinforced vacuum system is required for large-area clamping of permeable workpieces (e.g. uncoated chipboard or MDF). consult HOMAG if necessary.

main spindle 12KW
  • for tool holder with HSK F63 - DIN 69893.
  • room extraction for all tools and units. three-phase asynchronous motor 12 kW at S1, water-cooled.
  • the water circuit works automatically via pump and with temperature control.
  • tool weight max. 6 kg incl. holder.
  • tool length max. 200 mm from lower edge of motor spindle.
  • tool diameter max.180 mm for milling tools
  • max.200 mm for grinding tools
  • frequency converter 15 kW for electronic speed regulation. speed range continuously programmable from 1500 - 18000 1/min.
  • full nominal power from 12000 1/min. when reducing the speed, the power is reduced accordingly.

gluing unit 360 GRAD
  • for 360-degree gluing with butt joint, mounted in drive spindle /V/ on the right Y-arm.for straight edges with DIRECT glue application. with melting unit and granulate container. 1 pressing roller diam. 50 mm for pre-pressing. 1 post-pressing roller diam. 35 mm.
  • Integrated short-wave radiator for heating thick edges. use and output controllable via CNC programme.
  • unit can be swivelled indefinitely via C-axis. Inner radius min. R=30 mm at 90 degree corner (depending on edge).
  • outer radius according to flexibility of edging material
  • max. 65 mm (min. edge protrusion per side 2 mm) for butt gluing or processing of
  • multiple edge length edge height max. 45 mm
  • edge thickness plastic 0.4 - 3 mm (depending on material e.g. PVC min. 1 mm) veneer 0.4 - 2 mm
  • processing for plastic edges max. 135 mm2 for veneer max. 90 mm2 Butt joint only possible at surface or curve - not at corner. straight section min. 250 mm.
  • radius min. 300 mm.
  • for the transport of the dismantled machine, a transport frame from HOMAG is required for which costs in the amount of 6,500.00€ plus VAT will be charged.after return of the transport frame to SURPLEX, the amount will be refunded minus a reduction in value of 10 %.
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