Auction 'Restructuring of a Turning Shop': lot no. 10 INDEX ABC CNC Lathe Germany, 54411 Deuselbach

24/11/2021, 09:23
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Item details
Item number 703761
Manufacturer INDEX
Model / Type ABC
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Year of manufacture 2012
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Item condition
Location Show on map Germany, 54411 Deuselbach
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Item description
Machine number 402499, main spindle D 52 (60), spindle seat AD 140 mm, material passage max. 52 mm, max. stroke 7 mm, front bearing diameter 100 mm. 6000 rpm, front bearing diameter 100 mm, hollow spindle cylinder D 60/7 for collet clamping hydraulically operated, including clamping pressure device without clamping tool monitoring, material passage 60 mm, stroke 7 mm, turret 1 with X and Z including turret head 8 stations, of which 7 tool holding bores for straight shank DIN 69880 and one station with holding for synchronous spindle with spur gear, working stroke X 90 mm, Z 280 mm, rapid speed X 27000 mm/min, Z 36000 mm/min, tool drive device turret 1 with X and Z for 7 driven tools and one synchronous spindle with spur gear, driven tools: Speed max. 6000 rpm, turret 2 with X and Z including turret head with 6 symmetrical dovetail holders and 2 mounting holes each for optional tool holder movable in Z-axis or tool holder with cylindrical shank for driven tools, optional use in 2 positions per station, working path X 81 mm, Z 80 mm, rapid speed X 27000 mm/min, Z 36000 mm/min, tool drive, speed 4500 N/min, control INDEX C 200-4 D, modular multi-process control integrated with digital retooling system SIMODRIVE 611, identical in construction to SINUMERIK 840 D, adaptation control integrated PLC 317-2 DP (SIMATIC S 7-300), main spindle C-axis drive: Hollow shaft motor of spindle Angle measuring system directly on spindle, positioning control capability VDI/DGQ 3441, with EC declaration of conformity and CE mark, electronic shaft for spindle and drive devices, integer transmission, tolerance deviation in the dynamic range +/- 2°, max. 5000 rpm for polygon turning, max. 4500 rpm for synchronous operation, tapping without compensation chuck for driven tools, C-axis is required for stationary tools, motor current based tool monitoring system for INDEX C-200-4 D, bar loading magazine: INDEX LM 3200 for spindle height 1010 mm with electrical and hydraulic control elements, without material diameter dependent accessories, bar length max. 3200 mm, bar diameter 8 to 52 mm
Technical details
weight approx. 3,500 kg
dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 15,000 x 2,500 x 2,500 mm
Do you have any questions in relation to the item? Please contact us.
Costs and benefits
Dismantling & loading costs (binding) 3,500.00 €
Shipping costs not included
Delivery terms FCA Deuselbach, loaded on truck
Payment terms 100% payment prior to collection
Information 54411 Deuselbach, Germany

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