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Auction 'Closure of a Renowned Polish Furniture Manufacturer': lot no. 34 SELCO WMTR 7 Panel Saw with Lift Table

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Name: SELCO WMTR 7 Panel Saw with Lift Table
Item No.: 535460
Manufacturer: SELCO
Model / Type: WMTR 7
Year of manufacture: 2016
Machine available from: at once
Machine condition: good
Location: Poland, 85-881 Bydgoszcz
As good as new and very well maintained SELCO WMTR 7 panel saw with lifting table, feeding roller conveyor (3.800 x 2.200 mm) and panel turning device for top cuts.

Buyers from EU countries with a valid VAT ID and buyers from non-EU countries will be issued an invoice with a deposit equal to the current Polish VAT at the time of invoicing.
This deposit will be refunded as soon as the documents proving successful export (delivery to a third country) or shipment (delivery to the EU customer) are complete
(within 3 months of the invoice date). The refund will be made within 10 working days of receipt of the original documents to the bank account from which the original payment
of the invoice amount was made. If the documents are not available to Surplex 3 months after invoicing, the invoice will be reissued with the applicable sales tax.
The already paid deposit amount will be offset against the tax amount due.

Buyers from EU countries without a valid VAT ID or tax number will receive an invoice with the Polish VAT valid at the time of invoicing.
A refund of the paid VAT / security deposit is unfortunately not possible under these tax laws.
cutting length: 4300 mm
cutting depth: 4300 mm
clamps piece: 11 piece
air table: 4
lift table: 4500 x 2200
main motor: 18,5 kW
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1 x 1 x 1 mm
Weight approx.: 1 kg
auction fee: 15%
VAT: *plus VAT
Delivery terms: EXW Bydgoszcz, ex foundation, unpackaged
Cost Dismantling & Loading: If requested, we can also load your equipment onto the truck for a price of 4,900 EUR. Simply get in touch.
Shipping costs: not included
Payment terms: 100% payment prior to collection
tax / deposit: In case of an export, the tax amount of an invoice is withheld by means of a deposit invoice. The deposit will be refunded to the customer as soon as all export documents have been submitted to us.
Information: 85-881 Bydgoszcz, Poland
- Address on request -

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