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Automatic Feeders

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  1. Lathes as automatic feeders in industrial production
  2. Areas of application for the automatic feeder
  3. Brand names and producers of automatic feeders
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Lathes as automatic feeders in industrial production

An automatic feeder belongs to the category of automatic lathes. Its functioning is comparable to that of an automatic bar machine. It generally has larger dimensions, which enables the processing of larger workpieces. Therefore, automatic feeders are more often applied to feeding work than to bar production. This machine tool can be effectively applied to mass-production. The automatic feeder is very accurate, enabling a precision of less that 1/1000 mm. There is an important distinction between single and multiple-spindle machines. The automatic feeder is available as a conventional machine with various control methods, or as a CNC-controlled machine.
  • Classification in the group of lathes
  • Dimensions enable the processing of larger workpieces
  • Primarily used in mass-production
check1 Quality  check2 Great offers  check3 Personalized A stable machine framework supports the various components of the automatic feeder. The spindle column contains the gearing and workpiece drive spindle. The mostly hydraulically enabled clamping chuck is automatically controlled. One or more tool skids serve the intake of the processing tools. The skids are also automatically controlled. Swivelling workpiece loaders are a typical feature. These can receive and deposit the processing tools. A multiple-spindle automatic feeder allows very effective processing with short cycle times through its various spindles. Certain models include workpiece alignment equipment. The CNC-controlled automatic feeder has a workpiece monitoring system, which guarantees a longer life for the tool. Cooling devices are integrated to efficiently work pieces at a high cutting speed. Chip conveyors and high-pressure pumps complete the machine's equipment. Used automatic feeders 02 The automatic feeder has a casing to protect it from sawdust and coolant. Sliding doors are common for easy access to the machine room so that the machine can be adjusted to its corresponding requirements.

Areas of application for the automatic feeder

Automatic feeders are employed for hollow turning, counter lathe, over-tightening, burnishing and thread cutting. Because all processes are carried out automatically, its possible to achieve very short cycle times in mass-production. This makes the automatic feeder a very economical machine, well-appointed for high-volume industrial production. A common application of this large turning machine is the production of wheels for railway vehicles. This feeding work can be accomplished at a very high volume.
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Brand names and producers of automatic feeders:

Several firms have focused on the production of automatic feeders. Recommendable brands include WEISSER, SND, MOLL, IWEMA, WERKZEUGMASCHINENBAU SINSHEIM, BRINKMANN, SCHÜTTE, PITTLER, WICKMANN, MAS, PITTLER, INDEX, KYSUCKE NOVE MESTO, EMAG, HESTIKA and BOLEY.

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