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KALTENBACH TL 220 Light Metal Cold Circular Saw
on request
TRENNJÄGER LTS 400 HA Circular Saw
Weilheim Teck
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1,000 €
TRENNJAEGER LTS 400-M Metal Circular Saw
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500 €
HOLZHER 1205 SUPER-CUT Vertical Circular Panel Saw
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400 €
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EISELE KMS 250 Circular Angular Saw
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40 €


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  1. Explanation of the term "circular Saw"
  2. How do circular saws work and which kinds are available?
  3. Working with a circular saw
  4. Manufacturers of circular saws
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Explanation of the term "circular Saw"

The circular saw is mainly used to separate wood or metal, but other materials such as stone or plastic can also be processed. Depending on the area of application these saws can differ in size and function. The stationary circular saw is most commonly used in workshops and on construction sites. This is where the saw and the work table are fixed onto a machine stand.
  • The separation of wood, metal, stone and plastic
  • Types of circular saw can be differentiated by their size and function, depending on their area of application
  • Most common use is the stationary circular saw in workshops and on construction sites
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The desired dimensions and angle of the workpiece are then adjusted using a scale. The format circular saw belongs in this category and is used as a standard saw by all carpenters. The double edger circular saw used in sawmills to cut tree trunks and transform them in to boards and planks. A stone circular saw is used to process natural stone.

How do circular saws work and which kinds are available?

The most common circular saw is the table saw, where the sawing blade is located in the middle of the table. A riving knife is located behind the sawing blade to prevent the clamped in wood workpiece from moving in behind the sawing blade. Nowadays, almost only composite circular blades with a metal body are used. The cutters made out of polycrystalline diamonds or carbide are soldered onto the metal body.

OHLER Circular saw in use
Single component circular saw blades made out of steel are hardly used due to their high levels of wear and tear and restricted areas of application. The number and shape of the sawing teeth depends on the material that requires sawing. The circular saw is operated through pulleys of various sizes containing a v-belt, tooth belt or a flat belt. The turning speed determines the cutting speed.

Working with a circular saw

With stationary circular saws the workpiece is guided over the work table. However, it is the opposite with hand held circular saws. Here, the sawing blade is often covered at the top to reduce the risk of injury. The under side of the saw is covered with a guard, which automatically moves out of the way when in operation. In order to prevent the circular saw from accidentally turning on, the safety switch is operated with the thumbs and the main switch with the index finger. Chippings are sucked out through a pipe and then expelled either to the back or side.
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Manufacturers of circular saws

Well known manufacturers of circular saws are WAGNER MASCHINEN, RAPID, MÖSSNER, EISELE and MEP. Also known are ROCKWELL, TRAUB, KASTO, BEHRINGER and many more.

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