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Closed-Die Forging Presses

High-quality closed-die forging presses from top manufacturers

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  1. Explanation of the term "closed-die forging press"
  2. Areas of application for closed-die forging presses
  3. Composition and functions of a closed-die forging press
  4. Working with a closed-die forging press
  5. Suppliers of closed-die forging presses

Explanation of the term "closed-die forging press"

A closed-die forging press is a machine tool that is used to manufacture forged products through a forming process. Forged products are formed while they are glowing hot, using pressure. Closed-die forging is very similar to pressing. The difference between these two methods is mainly that presses work on cold and thin-walled materials, whereas closed-die forging is done on thick-walled plastic materials.

  • Manufacturing of forged products through forming
  • Possibility to process thick-walled plastic materials
  • Typical products include highly durable mechanical components
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Areas of application for closed-die forging presses

The closed-die forging press is used on mechanical products under high stress, for example mechanical hand tools. These include ratchets, nuts, spanners, hammers, gear-pullers and pry bars. Other typical products produced by closed-die forging presses are mechanical highly durable components such as connection rods and combustion engines.

Composition and functions of a closed-die forging press

A closed-die forging press is made out of a massive stud frame, a lifting unit and a changeable tool. The lifting unit of most closed-die forging presses is mechanically, hydraulically or pneumatically operated. Pneumatic closed-die forging presses can achieve very high clock rates. Hydraulic closed-die forging presses can enforce very high levels of pressure, and are therefore more suitable for large products. The advantage of a closed-die forging press is that highly durable technical products can be produced. Closed-die forging is not only a safe and efficient process to shape thick-walled products, but it is also used to temper the materials. Cast and annealed products are compressed using high pressure. After the pouring, the course crystals of the metal and made smaller using closed-die forging, which increases the elasticity of the product. The closed-die forging process is generally a hardening process for products, which occurs in an oil bath. This additionally increases the resistance of the products. The disadvantage of a closed-die forging press is that it requires a lot of energy to operate.

Working with a closed-die forging press

There are a lot of closed-die forging presses available. Pneumatically operated closed-die forging presses often have a high capacity output and can be automatically run. Mechanical and hydraulic operated closed-die forging presses are usually manually loaded. As the material is loaded into the machine it is glowing hot. Therefore, it is necessary that qualified specialists conduct this task. The handling of glowing hot material is very dangerous and requires particular caution. During the forging process, the material should not exceed a certain temperature; otherwise there will be negative results and increased wear and tear on the tool.

Suppliers of closed-die forging presses

A well-known manufacturer of hydraulic closed-die forging presses is SIEMPELKAMP. This company produces closed-die forging presses with pressure capacities of up to 20,000 tonnes. Mechanical closed-die forging presses are often found on the second hand market. Established manufacturers of these presses are ERFURT, SCHULER, WILKINS+MITCHELL and SCHLOEMANN.
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