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Extraction Units and Tunnel Dryers

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WORTHINGTON DRY AIR 547 Dryer Extraction Units and Tunnel Dryers
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 1,550 x 770 x 980 mm
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Weight approx. 350 kg
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Definition: Extraction Units and Tunnel Dryers

In woodworking the air is often full of shavings, dust, paint mist or moisture. This is a challenge for the industry and trade! Wood dust can cause explosions, shutdowns of machines and - just like lacquer or stain - constitute a health hazard. An extraction system, which transports the exhaust air from the workshop or the spraying machine, solves this problem. High humidity, on the other hand, leads to loss of quality. The investment in a tunnel dryer pays off in the same way as the investment in an extraction system. Surplex offers a variety of used tunnel dryers and exhaust units, e.g. from CEFLA or VENJAKOB.


  1. Fumes, dust and shavings
  2. Where do extraction units need to be implemented
  3. Tunnel drying for good results
  4. Composition of a ventilation duct
  5. Suppliers of extraction units and tunnel dryers
Used extraction units and tunnel dryers 01

Fumes, dust and shavings

The ventilation of industrial manufacturing processes is often forgotten, but it is a very important process. The reasons for ventilation range from the prevention of odours to the removal of toxic gases. The reduction for cleaning and maintenance requirements is also a reason. A powerful extraction unit can prevent many problems that might occur in a processing centre.

  • Prevent odours and the removal of toxic gases
  • Reduce the demand for cleaning and maintenance
  • Supply of dry air for production processes
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Where do extraction units need to be implemented

The trade association can provide precise information about which emissions require extraction during operations. It is generally preferred that too much is extracted, rather than too little. Who knows how toxic the gases during plasma cutting are, or how dangerous the grinding of galvanised metals is? These are areas where health risks can quickly develop, if one does not use an extraction unit simply because of ignorance or trying to save money. Generally, extraction units should be implemented everywhere where there is the potential of dangerous emissions. These are not necessary always in gas form. Dust from grinding or aerosols can also cause the accumulation of suspended particles in the air, which can then be breathed in by workers. An extraction unit prevents the suspended particles from setting.

Used extraction units and tunnel dryers 02

Tunnel drying for good results

An industrial facility also has to be supplied with air. This is particularly useful for processes, in which air is used to some extent. In the manufacturing sector this is generally a pneumatic machine. Before the air is compressed, it needs to be dried. A tunnel dryer is used so that the air does not become humid during transport. This is particularly useful in the food industry. Drying units used for humid products are also identified as a type of tunnel dryer. These are made out of a wide and long conveyor belt, which is enclosed and equipped with heaters. The laying out of humid products is done during the transportation of the drying process. At the end of the process, the dried products fall into a container. The air emitted from tunnel dryers also needs to be extracted. This is particularly important for products containing solvents.

Used extraction units and tunnel dryers 03

Composition of a ventilation duct

An extraction system contains many components. A stationary or mobile extraction unit is operated by a ventilator, which is creates a vacuum in the extraction unit. As a result, any air in the vicinity of the suction nozzle is sucked in. This is particularly notable in welding operations. Mobile or movable suction nozzles on a stationary unit are always in the close vicinity of the welding operation. The extracted air is cooled down and drawn through a filter. The type of filter required depends on the type of emission. Qualified specialists are necessary for the maintenance of the ventilation duct. The filter of an extraction unit need to be regularly changed and this change needs to be recorded.

Suppliers of extraction units and tunnel dryers

Extraction units are available from BERGMANN, FELDER and WALTHER. Tunnel dryers are supplied by JETDRYER, ESC-MÜLLER, TRUMAX and ALBERT.

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