Feedback System Machinery 2

For automated production in the furniture industry, etc.
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OTT Profimatic XM 2510-F Edgebander
OTT Profimatic XM 2510-F Edgebander
Germany, 49492 Westercappeln
OTT Profimatic XM 2510-F Edgebander
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2007 6,000 kg26,000 x 2,400 x 2,400 mm
LIGMATECH Optimat ZHR 05 Boomerang recirculation
LIGMATECH Optimat ZHR 05 Boomerang recirculation
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Germany, 22159 Hamburg
LIGMATECH Optimat ZHR 05 Boomerang recirculation
Feedback System Machinery
2008 1,500 kg9,000 x 2,000 x 1,000 mm

A feedback system is a relatively simply built support machine. They are used to ensure a continuous complete manufacturing process. Feedback systems enable a product to be removed from the machine, in a continuous and disturbance free way, and transport it to an area where it can be further processed (e.g. packaging).

  • Used for a continuous manufacturing processes
  • Permanent routeing of products to areas for further processing
  • Used for the processing of important products
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A feedback system is the cheaper version of a loading robot. It is made out of a portal, upon which a carriage is fixed. This carriage moves a lifting unit. This lifting unit sinks to the level of the workpiece, picks it up and puts it down in the next desired location. A feedback system is a machine used for mass production. There should be high output numbers, in order to make the investment in a feedback system worth it. A feedback system requires a lot of place, and conscientious and professional supervision.

LIGMATECH Feedback system in use

Feedback systems are applied where particularly important products are being processed. This includes veneered wood chipboard, which is used in the manufacturing of furniture. The lifting unit, equipped with a suction cup, effectively prevents scratches and dents. The decoupling of the feedback system from manual work has health benefits. A well-installed feedback system can work particularly efficiently and fatigue-free, without the risk of falls, bumps or other damages.

Besides the removal of loaded pallets, a feedback system does not require any direct tasks conducted by workers. However, the constant monitoring of the operation of a feedback system is necessary. It is always possible, that the lifting unit fails and the loads cannot be safely transported. In this case, the machine must be stopped and repaired. The lifting unit requires regular maintenance and monitoring.

Training is required for the programming of a feedback system, but this can be done internally. It is important that every worker is made aware of the risks when using a feedback system. Just like industry robots, feedback systems rarely have sensors that are sensitive enough to stop their operation when someone enters the work space.

There are numerous suppliers that provide these components. There are significant differences between the products of the various suppliers, particularly in regards to the rigidity of the entire system. Recommended suppliers, which can regularly be found on our used machinery platform, are LIGMATECH, LENZE and BABARIC.