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LORENZ LS 156 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine
0 Bids
24,500 €
03/05/2017 10:19
HOLROYD 2E CNC Rotor Milling Machine
0 Bids
19,500 €
10/05/2017 10:17
HURTH WF 10 Hobbing Machine
on request
RAUSCH GRATOMAT MS 150/2 - 760 Gear Wheel Deburring Machine
0 Bids
9,000 €
10/05/2017 10:27
WERA EA 320-H Gear Deburring and Roofing Machine
0 Bids
8,500 €
LORENZ F600 Gear Hobbing Machine
9 Bids
5,250 €
03/05/2017 10:04
LORENZ SN 5 Gear Hobbing Machine
8 Bids
4,400 €
03/05/2017 10:05
KLINGELNBERG GKC 60 Bevel Gear Testing Machine
1 Bid
4,200 €
03/05/2017 10:02
KLINGELNBERG LSK Bevel Gear Testing Machine
1 Bid
2,400 €
03/05/2017 10:01
HURTH ZEA 1 Gear Tooth Deburring Machine
7 Bids
400 €
03/05/2017 10:03


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  1. Gear cutting machines applied in industry
  2. Evolution of the industrial gear cutting machine
  3. Areas of application and examples of gear cutting machines
  4. Important manufacturers of gear cutting machines
Used gear cutting machine 01

Gear cutting machines applied in industry

In the building of machines and automobiles, the individual components of gear wheels and gear racks are particularly important. Their production is commonly undertaken by a gear cutting machine. Gear wheels are made using two processes. First of all they are milled and then ground. Depending on their prospective use, different types of machines could be used for said process. For the milling of gear wheels, hobbing processes are used.
  • Great importance in the manufacturing of gear wheels in the machine and automobile industries
  • A gear cutting machine produces gear wheels and gear racks
  • Manufacturing using two processes
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High numbers of gear edges can be deburred and sharpened efficiently using this process. The machines contain NC or CNC-control, which eases the operation. A hobbing machine is used for the manufacturing of external teeth, as well as spur and helical gears. For workpieces with large diameters, internal helical gears are possible. Crown wheels and bevel gears can also be produced using this machine. Smaller internal gears cannot be produced using this process and therefore, hobbing in conjunction with special machines is used for this purpose. The hobbing machine is very flexible in terms of its settings, and can take up a large row of variously arranged tools.
KAPP Gear cutting machine in use
A robust machine body hosts the individual machine components. This component operates the hob and also the movable clamping slide or chuck for the workpiece. A cooling system is usually integrated within the casing. There is a difference between horizontal and vertical machines. Particularly precise tooth flanks can be achieved if the tooth flanks are first milled and then the gear wheel is hardened. Thereafter, the special tooth flank grinder can create the final contours.

Evolution of the industrial gear cutting machine

The hobber was invented in 1856 and the first machines used for gear wheel processing were built in 1887. The process was perfected towards the end of the century and the first universal hobber was established. The operational field was the only restriction and other than that it could do almost everything, including spur and helical gears. Modern machines are CNC operated.

Areas of application and examples of gear cutting machines

Used gear cutting machine 02
Gear cutting machines are used for the production of gear wheels and gear racks in all areas of industry and production, where gear wheels are used a transmission or input feed. An effective use of the gear cutting machines is particularly important for transmissions - which are necessary for the production of automobiles and many other industry machines - and for producing large numbers of pieces.

Important manufacturers of gear cutting machines

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of gear cutting machines. Some of the most recommended suppliers include HÖFLER, PFAUTER, PRAEWEMA, TOS, LIEBHERRVERZAHNTECHNIK, MAG-GROUP and SAMPUTENSILI (now MAG-GROUP)

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