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  1. Power generation applied in industry
  2. Areas of application for power generation
  3. Brand names and manufacturers of machines used for power generation
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Power generation applied in industry

In industrial settings, it is important to generate enough power for remote construction and industrial sites, to enable necessary production processes to be undertaken. There are different possibilities for this including steam, coal, water power, gas heating, diesel, petrol and fuel cells. The introduction of wind power and solar power systems was an important contribution, which protects the environment from waste and harmful emissions. During one part of the production process, certain mediums are used for energy recovery during power generation, by using specific machines.

  • Covers remote sites and business locations
  • Possible through various mediums
  • Required for self-sufficient production
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Examples of this include steam or wastewater, with which electrical power can be generated using specially fitted turbines. The variations in power generation can be categorised into different processes. These are mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical and nuclear processes. Special small power stations allow for production to occur away from plants. This has the advantage of production security, cost savings, use of existing raw energy materials and efficiency. In most cases, diesel generators are used for smaller applications. These are available with various levels of power and thereby can be installed when required. The high-end models of diesel generators are automatically operated and are housed in a soundproof casing. With generators, it is possible to provide high quality emergency power solutions. These are commonly used, among other places, in hospitals and for chemical devices, where power is required continuously without any interruption. For construction sites, smaller power generators are used for electrical tools. The diesel and petrol generators are perfectly adequate for this purpose.

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Areas of application for power generation

Every self-sufficient application and production requires appropriate measures for power generation. For example, processing vessels in the shipping industry are equipped with generators to ensure that the complete ship receives enough good-quality electricity. The raw material used for power generation in this case is usually diesel or heavy fuel oil. Turbines then allow direct generation of the required amount of energy. For solar applications, the use of photovoltaic provides extensive possibilities. Concepts constructed according to a grid system provide the opportunity to have telecommunication and broadcasting systems in remote regions. These can run maintenance free and guarantee continuous operation at every time of year. Combined with the use of wind power, they can make up for energy deficits that occur during times where sunshine is lacking.

Brand names and manufacturers of machines used for power generation

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of machines used for power generation. Some of the most recommended suppliers include:

  • ABB
  • CAT
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