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HOLZ-HER Screw Driving Device
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  1. The hand drill for handy work and industry
  2. History, development and background of this type of machine
  3. History, development and background of this type of machine
  4. Manufacturers of hand drills
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The hand drill for handy work and industry

The hand drill is a machine tool that can be operated manually, electrically or by using compressed air. This type of machine is available in a variety of sizes enabling it to work with light and heavy workpieces. This machine has a body with a pistol grip, which contains all its components. Heavy hand drills require a two-handed operation.
  • This machine tool can be operated electrically, manually or by using pressure
  • Variety of forms available, depending on the process
  • Used where stationary machines are inadequate
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The body on these machines has a different composition, in order to accommodate the grip requirements. The operation of the hand grip by for both types is distinctive. The operational elements can be stopped and the rotation speed can be adjusted for electronically operated machines. The hand drill contains a strong electric motor and a gear box, which allows for the installation of a variety of rotation speeds. On the front of the drilling machine, which is usually quite slim, is the fixture for the tool. Drill chucks, quick action drills and special tools such as the SDS-PLUS or SDS-MAX are commonly used for the various drills. These machines often contain a depth stop, either on the side or in the centre of the drill. This increases the ease of manufacturing holes of the same depth.

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History, development and background of this type of machine

Drilling machines have been implemented for a long time. Battery-operated hand drills are now available. In 1895 Wilhelm Emil Fein built the first electric hand drill machine. Drills have improved over time through the implementation of powerful motors and the reduction of the weight of the body. Modern machines contain a smooth adjustable electronic steering mechanism.

Areas of application and examples of hand drills

Hand drills are implemented in all areas of construction, manufacturing, assembly and production, where stationary machines are not suitable. Therefore, there are a lot of different drills available for a variety of processes such as drilling small holes to breaking down walls with carbide-tipped twist drills. A drywall builder requires very light machines with a high rotation speed, because machines used for over the head work or wall work need
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to be held for quite a long time. Many drilling machines can also be used as impact drills, increasing the variety of tasks it could undertake. Electricians and carpenters use drills for on-site installations. Technicians who fit steel plants mainly use machines that have good characteristics for the drilling of steel.

Manufacturers of hand drills

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of hand drills. Some of the most recommended suppliers include BOSCH, FEIN, PROTOOL, MAKITA, STANLEY, EIBENSTOCK, KRESS and METABO

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