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Horizontal Band Saws

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BEHRINGER HBP 320 Horizontal Band Saw
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BEHRINGER HBP 500 Bandsaw double column
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MEP Shark 452 SXI evo Semiautomatic miter saw
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PEHAKA ROB 400 Horizontal Band Saw
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  1. Explanation of the term "horizontal band saw"
  2. Functions of a horizontal band saws
  3. Advantages of a horizontal band saw
  4. Types of horizontal band saws
  5. Working with a horizontal band saw
  6. Suppliers of horizontal band saws
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Explanation of the term "horizontal band saw"

A horizontal band saw is a machine used for the horizontal separation of block-shaped objections. The most common use of horizontal band saws is in the processing of wood; they are used to transform tree trunks into boards. These band saws are also used in the natural and artificial stones industry.
  • The horizontal separation of block-shaped objects
  • They are mainly used for wood processing
  • Quiet operation and low maintenance
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Functions of a horizontal band saws

The horizontal band saw has a rotating saw blade on a belt or band. The workpiece is guided along the band and separated. The band saw is operated using an electric motor and held together using tension. The desired thickness of the workpiece can be adjusted by adjusting the distance between the top of the workpiece and the saw band.

Advantages of a horizontal band saw

Horizontal band saws are distinctive due to their quiet operation, simple maintenance, and level and even cutting results. The used cutting material is usually relatively cheap and easy to change.
PEHAKA Horizontal band saw in use
Through the thin-walled sheet and the continual rotary movement, there is a permanent cooling of the sheet. Therefore, horizontal band saws are very resistant. As these saw bands are made to be thinner than those of circular saws, their production results in less waste and less tension.

Types of horizontal band saws

Horizontal band saws are available in a large variety of forms. Small horizontal band saws can be manually loaded. The big horizontal-band saws are mainly used in sawmills and in the stone processing industry. These are stationary machines with very complex feeding and removal systems. Horizontal band saws are also implemented in the metalworking industry, but do not have as large a role as in the wood and natural stone processing industries.

Working with a horizontal band saw

Horizontal band saws are most efficient when they are continually being loaded. High-end horizontal band saws and high-end saw bands have large workpiece capacities. This makes horizontal band saws ideal for the efficient processing of wood and stones.
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Horizontal band saws are primarily used as a separation tool. Taking care and attention to the safety regulations is important when operating a horizontal band saw. This is particularly important when performing maintenance tasks. Many horizontal band saws are fully enclosed, and therefore workers cannot be seen when they are undertaking maintenance work on the inner parts of the machine. All workers should be briefed as to what types of necessary communication should be used during maintenance work.

Suppliers of horizontal band saws

Small to medium sized horizontal band saws are available from BAUER, MEBA, KASTO, LISSMAC and MEP. Large horizontal band saws for the processing of large and tall workpieces are available from BRAUN, MOESSNER, BRENTA and AMADA. These horizontal band saws are called log band saws.

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