Horizontal & Double Disc Grinding Machines

For grinding perfect surfaces with accurate thickness
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ELLIOTT Double bench grinder
United Kingdom (Great Britain), BN14 8NA Worthing
ELLIOTT Double bench grinder

The horizontal & double disc grinding machine enables the efficient processing of mass-produced parts such as fine-blanked, punched, bent or formed parts. Unlike in the usual grinding process, with this highly automated CNC machine, the workpiece is machined in parallel from both sides, between two grinding wheels. Despite a high throughput speed, good evenness, plane parallelism and surface roughness values are achieved. Horizontal & double disc grinding machines can be very well integrated into production lines. Also when used, this machine is an interesting option, and at a Surplex auction you can even buy it at a bargain price. Other grinding machines, tools and abrasives are also available.

The reliable removal of burrs, scratches and dents from a workpiece is an essential part of the manufacturing process. Regardless of whether a workpiece will be polished, plated, painted or powder coated, the homogeneity of the surface is crucial to achieve premium quality. In many industrial settings, the process of grinding is used to homogenise a surface and remove any flaws. In addition, it can also be used to achieve precise and consistent dimensional measurements by grinding the last hundredths of a millimeter from a workpiece. Horizontal double disk grinding can be used as a highly effective method to ensure the most accurate and measurements of thickness, especially when working with high volumes of material.
  • Ensures that any burrs as a result of manufacturing are removed from workpieces
  • Achieves very precise and accurate measurements when grinding
  • Perfect for high volume production
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Double disk grinders differ from other grinding machines in that they primarily consist of two opposing wheels, between which is a gap that corresponds to the desired thickness of the material being processed. The workpiece is therefore processed from both sides, which ensures a fast and accurate output suitable for high volume production. Once the workpiece is inserted between the two plates, the grinding process is achieved within seconds. Small scale components such as washers and sealing rings can be processed effectively, and larger parts such as connecting rods can be cut to size. Double disk grinders have long been used within the plastic, glass and automotive industries, but as the machines have become easier to use with more control flexibility in recent years their reach and usage has extended to non-traditional production fields such as computing and aerospace.

Most grinding machines function automatically, but still require a large degree of technological expertise and maintenance. They are ideally used in conjunction with automated assembly systems and industrial robots to facilitate maximum productivity. Well maintained horizontal double disc grinders are fantastic money makers that, when used in mass production, can contribute towards high profit margins.

Horizontal double disk grinding machines are a specialist piece of machinery and are produced by a relatively small number of manufacturers. The most well-known manufacturer of horizontal double-headed grinder are CINETIC GIUSTINA and DISKUS-WERKE.