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Hydraulic workshop presses for bending & punching

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SMG HZPUX 565/315-1500/1000 Hydraulic Press (hydroforming press)
0 Bids
31,900 €
07/03/2018 10:01
RÖCHER REP 160.02 SS Hydraulic Press
0 Bids
4,000 €
14/03/2018 10:08
HIDROGARNE CM-80 Hydraulic press
0 Bids
1,500 €
08/03/2018 12:08
Hydraulic Press
Zona Industria…
1 Bid
1,470 €
06/03/2018 10:43
Hot lot
HÄMMERLE Hydraulic Press
11 Bids
950 €
23/02/2018 11:02
Hydraulic Barrel Press
San Pedro de B…
0 Bids
480 €
Not started
Hydraulic Barrel Press
San Pedro de B…
0 Bids
450 €
Not started


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  1. Hydraulic presses for industrial use
  2. Variations of Hydraulic presses
  3. Applications of Hydraulic presses
  4. Hydraulic Press manufacturers
Used hydraulic press front view

Hydraulic presses for industrial use

Hydraulic presses are an especially popular and profitable way of producing and processing various components and workpieces. The original hydraulic press operates by relying on Pascals theory, which states that pressure applied to a fluid within an enclosed system remains constant throughout. Hydraulic presses therefore use two hydraulic cylinders to create a large compressive force. Fluid - usually oil - is poured into a smaller ‘slave’ cylinder, which is then pushed through to a far larger master cylinder. A piston in the larger cylinder then pushes the fluid back into the slave cylinder, resulting in a larger force. Most modern hydraulic presses generate the required pressure by utilising electronic motors in tandem with high performance pumps.

Variations of Hydraulic presses

Types of hydraulic presses vary according to requirements. Arbor presses are available in a variety of speculations but are generally used for lighter work, such as hole piercing and inscription marking.

  • Often used with smaller companies due to flexibility
  • Two main variations, "single" or "double" column
  • Ease of use and precise control
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C Frame presses only include a single press application and are mostly used for assembly work. They are specifically designed to maximise floor space in order to facilitate easy and safe movement within the workplace. Pneumatic presses work at high production speeds and can be effectively used for drawing,punching and assembling. However, the level of pressure they are able to generate is limited, and a trained full-time operator is required. It is possible to find machines with considerable pressing capabilities - some of which reach almost 80,000 tonnes of pressure - and ones which are capable of processing more than one press application, such as the H Frame. Smaller hand held versions of C and O frames are also widely available.

Applications of Hydraulic presses

Hydraulic presses are used in almost all industrial operations. The wide range of presses on offer combined with the full range of metal forming that can be achieved by their employment cater to the requirements of many industries.They can be used for metal forging, cutting, punching, reforming and clinching. Smaller scale presses are also used in the formation of powders within the cosmetic, food and pharmaceuticalindustries. This flexibility, combined with multiple production options and a rapid operating speed make them a very popular option, even for smaller businesses.

Hydraulic Press manufacturers

A variety of different brands specialise in the production of hydraulic presses. These include in particular the following brands: Exner, Madom, DUNKES, SAFANDARLEY, BYSTRONIC, EUROMAC, FAGOR, SCHULER, MÜLLER WEINGARTEN, PRIMA POWER, RHTC, AEM3, AGME, HIDROGARNE, DIMECO, KNUTH Werkzeugmaschinen.

Used hydraulic press side view
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