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HAUSER S3-CNC311-ATC Coordinate Grinding Machine

The jig grinding machine is asserting itself as a special machine in a niche market. While nowadays resolutions of 0.1 µm are common in mechanical engineering, jig grinding machines can achieve about 0.001 µm. Each axis operates with highest precision. This means that drill holes, profiles and moulds can be machined with outstanding quality, as for example in punching tool and mould making, in precision optics and fine mechanics. Purchasing a used CNC grinding machine considerably reduces the high acquisition costs. At Surplex you will find used jig grinding machines, such as those from HAUSER, available all around Europe.

A jig grinder (or a jig grinding machine) is a machine tool used for grinding complex holes and shapes on milled workpieces with a high level of precision. Jig grinders are mostly used when the precision of CNC milling machines is not high enough. Hard materials, like cast iron or glass, can be formed into the desired shape using a jig grinding machine.

In terms of composition, a jig grinder is somewhat similar to a CNC milling machine. During the jig grinding process, the rotation speed can reach over several hundred thousand rotations. Special diamond heads, CBN grinding tools or single point diamonds are the tools used for jig grinding. Due to this reason, jig grinders are only used for work conducted on the surface of the workpiece, and cannot be used for the removal of large pieces of material. In order to conduct every possible grinding motion, jig grinding machines work with a minimum of five axels.

  • In terms of composition, a jig grinding machine is very similar to a CNC milling machine
  • It is only used during the end stage of the manufacturing process
  • Jig grinding machines are used for milled workpieces that need to be ground
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Jig grinders are used when working on products that require a lot of precision when being ground, such as tools for presses, moulding equipment, and stamps. Even heavy duty components of industrial machines can be critically improved or developed through jig grinding. High-performance engines or measuring instruments can also be produced with a jig grinding machine. In relation to the desired set up of the machine, it can reach precision levels to the region of a micrometre. For this reason, jig grinding machines are usually the choice when developing aeronautical or aerospace technology products.

HAUSER Jig grinding machine in operation

As jig grinders are used to develop high-end products with high levels of precision, only trained machine mechanics should work with this machine. The maintenance, upkeep, cleaning and installing of a jig grinding machine is even more demanding than it is the case with the traditional CNC machines. Therefore, jig grinding always requires diligence and qualified expertise, which can only be guaranteed with a trained specialist.

A jig grinder is only used during the end stage of the manufacturing process. Workpieces that need to be ground should have already been prepared, cleared and smoothed. Certain products, which are usually just single pieces or which are made in a small-scale series, can only be manufactured using a jig grinding machine. For this reason, grinding machines are also very popular with service providers, who provide the facilities for the final stages of production. A reliable service provider can be very successful in this field, depending on the quality of their used jig grinders and the availability of highly trained professionals.

Since a quality jig grinder should provide utmost levels of precision and production quality, it is recommended to choose manufacturers who already have a high level of experience with the manufacturing of jig grinding machines. Some of the most established providers of jig grinders are HAUSER, MOORE, PERRIN, MIKROMAT, WMW HECKERT, and DECKEL. It is often possible to find a quality jig grinder for sale manufactured by such well-known suppliers in our numerous industrial auctions as well as on our regular used jig grinders page.

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