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  1. What does a "mortising machine" do?
  2. How does a mortising machine work?
  3. Who is allowed to work with a mortising machine?
  4. What is produced by a mortising machine?
  5. Other uses for mortising machines
  6. Providers of mortising machines
Used mortising machine front view

What does a "mortising machine" do?

A mortising machine can be used to efficiently create holes, recesses and square shaped holes in wood-based materials. The machine's settings can be adjusted to create holes of a specific depth, width and length. Mortising machines do the work that was formerly done by carpenters, through painstaking labour using chisels.

How does a mortising machine work?

A mortising machine is, in terms of its make up, very similar to the chainsaw. In contrast to the device used by lumberjacks, a mortising machine is built to be a stationary machine. It contains a stable body, which is often times welded or cast-iron, upon which a lifting unit is fitted.
  • A mortising machine is very similar to the chainsaw
  • Mortising machines are cutting machines
  • Mortising machines are mainly used in the field of carpentry to create square holes
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Perpendicular to and underneath the lifting unit, is where the actual mortising machine is found. The width of the milling sheet determines the minimum width of the opening where wood can be inserted. By moving the wood longitudinally and transversely, this size of this opening can be increased. The depth of the hole is determined by a lifting motion. With simple mortising machines this is conducted by a lever that keeps the lifting mechanism in motion. There are also mortising machines that are made for the mass production of prefabricated wood panels or beams. These are operated electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically.

Who is allowed to work with a mortising machine?

Mortising machines are cutting machines and when used improperly, can cause severe injuries. Workers using this machine must be trained in the relevant security measures, and must be supervised during the first time using the mortising machine. Correctly inserting the processed material into the machine is a particularly important stage. If the cutting implement of the machine is dull, it could lead to the wood slanting and then jamming. In this case, the wood would move uncontrollably and the worker needs to be able to aid the machine to continue the process, or be able to interrupt the flow and stop the machine. Mortising machines can be easily controlled with a bit of practice. For efficient production of high-end products, assistants should be available to help operate the machine.

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What is produced by a mortising machine?

Mortising machines are mainly used in the field of carpentry to create square holes. The use of a mortising machine makes the manufacturing of products such as roof timber, wooden frames, high-end heavy duty shelves and wooden boats much more efficient. A mortising machine that has had its settings adjusted correctly can be used by carpenters to achieve great outcomes in producing high-end furniture.

Other uses for mortising machines

Mortising machines are also used as equipment to dig quick holes in the ground. The only machines that are able to perform the same task are significantly larger and are fitted to mechanical diggers, lorries or tractors.

Providers of mortising machines

Recommended providers of mortising machines: HAFFNER, BÄUERLE, HARBS und RAPID.

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