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2 Knife Heads with Moulding Knives
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  1. Explanation of the term "moulder"
  2. Mechanics of a moulder
  3. Working with a moulder
  4. Accessories for a moulder
  5. Suppliers of moulders
Used moulder 01

Explanation of the term "moulder"

A moulder is a cutting device used in the woodworking industry. With moulders, beams, boards and panels a cut into the exact desired dimensions. Additionally, a moulder can be used to turn rough-cut wood into a flat, planed surface.

Mechanics of a moulder

  • Cutting machine used in woodworking
  • Cut beams, boards and panels to exact dimensions
  • Efficient in mass-production
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The central element of a moulder is a rotating planer. The wood is guided along the planer and cut. The desired precision is achieved by turning the wood piece. Safety equipment constitutes a large portion of a moulder. The workpiece is moved along a secure and precisely adjustable guide. Kickback and other uncontrolled movements are thereby prevented. The rotating planer is completely enclosed by a protective housing. Flying shavings are thereby securely kept out of the surroundings. The workpiece remains secured by the guide rail throughout machining. With a correctly adjusted moulder, consistently safe operation is possible.

SCM Moulder in use

Working with a moulder

A moulder operates most efficiently when a series of wooden pieces should all be cut to the same dimensions. It is therefore a machine for routine work. The dimensions are adjusted either manually or electronically. The operation of a moulder is indiscriminate. The rotating planer is a dangerous element and is housed deep within the machine. Accidental contact with the planer is impossible on a correctly designed machine. High quality machines have safety switches that stop the planer?s operation as soon as the protective hood is lifted. Opening the housing is regularly necessary because woodworking machinery requires frequent cleaning. When all safety measures are observed, this can be done by unskilled labour. In contrast, the planing blade should only be changed by trained workers. It is important that the disassembly and reassembly be carried out correctly. If this task should be carried out by a trained labourer, repeated practice with the oversight of an educated machinist is advisable. Moulders include a complete documentation of the manufacturer.

Used moulder 02

Accessories for a moulder

As a shaving-producing woodworking machine, a shaving and sawdust vacuum is a necessary accessory. This reduces the cleaning maintenance considerably. Work interruptions are also thereby minimised. An compressed air gun is the ideal tool for cleaning a moulder. This allows for the removal of shavings from hard to reach areas. With woodworking machinery, wearing of the tool becomes noticeable by certain changes in sound during operation. Callipers should therefore be at the ready to double-check the dimensions of the machined product.

Suppliers of moulders

Several firms have focused on the production of moulders. Recommendable brands include WEINIG, MARTIN, HOLYTEK, SCM and GUBISCH.

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