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  1. Production lines for efficient production
  2. Short history of the production line
  3. Areas of application and examples of production lines
  4. Manufacturers of the operational tools required for production lines
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Production lines for efficient production

A production line is a complex and useful formation of a variety of machines, set-up rooms and assembly areas, which are set up in a specific order. The production line is used to effectively manufacture products during mass production. In general, a production line is specialised on creating the end product. Therefore, changes that would need to be made to the product would be complex.
  • Formation of different machines used for production
  • Effective manufacturing for mass production
  • Optimal coordination of the individual components with one another
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The individual components of a production line are optimally designed to compliment each other, so that production is as effective as possible. Sometimes a production line is sold as a complete set. This is the case if the type of production is no longer necessary or the product changes to one that requires a completely new type of production line. Production lines are used in all sectors of industry including machine and automobile construction, the chemical industry, the food industry etc. Before a production line is installed, it requires extensive technological preparations, in order to achieve optimal operation and produce products at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, the machine park for a production line is chosen depending on specific characteristics required. That is also the case for the individual tools of the machines.
Production line in operation
The products need to be transported between the different machines and this occurs with the help of conveyors, chutes and other transportation methods. Particular workspaces in the production line are used for assembly and the quality control of end products. Modern production lines are computer operated, and all processes are monitored, coordinated and controlled.

Short history of the production line

The conventional production line came about during the introduction of mass production in industrial settings, with the goal to effectively produce large numbers of products. Over the years, the processes were refined and automated. At the beginning many parts of the production line were operated hydraulically or using compressed air.

Sensors were used to monitor production and display the necessary measurements, in order to notify when the production line needs to be adjusted. With the introduction of computer technology, production processes were partially centralised around a single controller and regulator. The company SIEMENS has been a key player in the automation of production lines, through their innovative approaches of combining together different production processes.

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Areas of application and examples of production lines

A production line is used in a variety of industrial sectors. In industrial production, an effective production line can reduce the cost of finished products and is therefore more profitable for companies. Therefore, production lines are essential in the automobile industry. This incorporates various things such as the flow of material, processing, assembly and quality control, into one line. The integration of buffer zones and alternative routes are used for the upgrading and repairing individual stations during continuous production. The next level is the production line, which combines the finishing line, assembly line, and quality control stations.

Manufacturers of the operational tools required for production line

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of operational tools required for production line. One of the most recommended suppliers is SIEMENS

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