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Large quantities and low unit costs - the production line is the driving force behind series production. Production lines combine machines and other components into a meaningful, efficient whole. So, for example, a production line for pipe bends consists of a moulding machine, a pipe bend press, mandrel bars and so on. While the classical production line is focused on one product or one production process, the trend is towards flexible production lines, automation and networked technology (industry 4.0). At Surplex you will find complete production lines, press lines with high press force and other production lines. Used, but of the highest quality - also recent models!

A production line represents a complex and useful formation of a variety of industrial machines, set-up rooms and assembly areas, arranged in a particular and purposeful order. Production lines are used for effective manufacturing of products during the process of mass-production. The main purpose of an industrial production line is to make the production as effective as possible. Therefore, in a well-designed (whether new or used) production line, each separate component is expected to optimally compliment another. Since one production line is generally specialised for creating a specific end product, it may be rather complex to make changes to the product during the manufacturing process.

  • Formation of different machines used for production
  • Effective manufacturing for mass production
  • Optimal coordination of the individual components with one another
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Along with the introduction of mass production in industrial settings came the conventional industrial production line, with the aim to help effectively produce large numbers of products. Over the years it has evolved, while the processes have become more refined and automated. At the beginning many parts of the production line were operated hydraulically or using compressed air, while sensors were used to monitor production and display the necessary measurements, in order to notify when the production line needed an adjustment. However, with the introduction of computer technology the entire process became automated and centralised around a single controller. The key part in the emergence of an automatic production line has been played by the SIEMENS company, well-known for its innovative approaches.

Production line in operation

Before installing a production line, it is necessary to perform extensive technological preparations in order to achieve optimal operation and minimize the production expenses. In terms of this, the assembly line machinery should be chosen on the basis of specific characteristics required for the production of a particular product. The same goes for the individual tools of each respective machine. In order to make the production line as effective as possible, the optimal coordination of the individual components with one another must be accomplished. For transportation of products from one machine to another, within the linear sequence of production line machines, different transportation methods, such as conveyors and chutes, are used. During the very manufacturing process, numerous procedures, including the flow of material, its processing, assembly, and quality control, are integrated into one automatic production line. In addition to these, buffer zones and alternative routes can also be integrated in order to enable upgrades and repairs of individual stations during mass-production. Particular workspaces in the production line are used for assembly and quality control of the end products. Most of modern production lines are computer-operated, so that all of the processes are monitored, coordinated and controlled from one place.

Industrial production lines have found their application in most sectors of industry, particularly in machine and automobile construction, chemical industry, food industry, etc. Their application is of essential importance in the automobile industry. This is mostly due to the fact that an effective and optimally designed production line can reduce the cost of the end product and bring more profit to companies.

In order to assemble an effective production line, high quality operational tools are required. Many different companies are specialised in the manufacturing of operational tools required for production lines, one of the most prominent being SIEMENS. Production line machines can be sold as complete sets, in case the type of production it was used for is no longer necessary or the product has been changed so that it requires a completely different type of production line. A high-quality used production line can often be found on our used machinery platform, while complete second-hand production lines for sale can also be found in our industrial auctions at cheap prices.