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Cyclic control: the affordable alternative to CNC lathes
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KNUTH PROTON 800/3000 cycle lathe
Germany, 73235 Weilheim Teck
KNUTH PROTON 800/3000 cycle lathe
BOEHRINGER DUS 560 x 1500 Lathe - cycle controlled
MICROCUT BNC-1743 cycle lathe
Germany, 73235 Weilheim Teck
MICROCUT BNC-1743 cycle lathe
MONFORTS KNC 5 cycle lathe
Germany, 77694 Kehl–Auenheim
MONFORTS KNC 5 cycle lathe
GILDEMEISTER N.E.F. Plus 500 Teach-In Lathe

Teach-in lathe bridges the gap between a conventional lathe and a CNC lathe. Its modern NC control allows to set and store work cycles, which are automatically executed by the machine. Teach-in lathes combine the simple handling of standard lathes with the flexibility of CNC machines. They are available in different sizes regarding their spindle bore, distance between centres and centre height. Depending on the turning length, turning diameter, swing diameter and tailstock, even large workpieces can be manufactured by these cycle-controlled machines. At Surplex you will find a wide selection of used teach-in lathes - high quality at fair prices!

The application of teach-in lathe guarantees economical and efficient production of individual components or small-scale series. This is because this type of machine is as simple as the conventional lathe but much more versatile, and can even undertake the tasks usually conducted by a cnc-lathe. The advantages of a teach-in lathes are obvious.

  • A simple, but versatile machine
  • Efficient processing of complicated workpieces
  • Used for the building of machines and tools, as well as in the energy sector
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The transformation from the initial design to the finished workpiece is very quick. Set-up times are very short and there is good accessibility for the operator. Excellent accuracy is a further criterion of this type of machine. The machines are available in a variety of different sizes and sometimes milling functions are also integrated. The construction is generally that of a normal lathe. A clear user interface allows for the configuration and customisation of various predetermined work cycles, which are then worked through using the programme. This machine makes it possible to process complicated workpieces much more effectively than they would be on normal lathes. In comparison with a CNC-machine, the processing of a complex workpiece with the teach-in lathe is generally much easier. Hand wheels make it possible for the operator to correct the working process manually at any time. A wide range of lathe accessories for these machines means that they are very universally applicable. Nowadays there are also CNC teach-in lathes available. Úsing a computerized control makes this machine type even more productive.

WEILER teach-in lathe lathe in use

The teach-in lathe was created to effectively produce workpieces in various sectors. Simple operation and high stability of the teach-in lathe means that its area of responsibility is constantly growing. Particularly during the time when CNC-machines were not yet on the market, the teach-in lathe took over the automatic production of turned components. Even today, the teach-in lathe is still regularly used. Modern simple operation and the trend to use even bigger components continue to help it thrive in the market. For the clamping in of components, it is common that the distance between the centres can be 15m and the swing diameter of the bed can be over 1750mm. The accuracy compares to toolmakers lathes.

The teach-in lathe is used in the building of machines, tools, extraction industry, service and maintenance, energy and environment sector, and medical technology. Modern control systems are incorporated into these machines. An excellent example is the manufacturing of soil drilling equipment. These rotary drilling rigs on large vehicles and can be produced with teach-in lathes. Special tool steel can also be processed with the help of a teach-in lathes.

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of teach-in lathes. Some of the most recommended suppliers include:

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