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Thread cutting, milling & drilling machines

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ESCOFIER GFV CNC-Cold Rolling Machine
on request
DUMETA BD-M12 / E 180-2000 Electric Tapping machine
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2,400 €
HECKERT GFL 400 X 2000 Long Thread - Milling Machine
2 Bids
1,500 €
09/01/2019 12:34
MECAL Threading machine for aluminum
0 Bids
70 €
17/01/2019 11:37


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  1. Explanation of the term "thread"
  2. Functions and importance of a machine used for thread machining
  3. Working with a machine used for thread machining
  4. Accessories for machines used for thread machining
  5. Suppliers of machines for thread machining
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Explanation of the term "thread"

Threads are structures consisting of holes or bolts in metal or plastic material. They wind themselves into the spiral formed inner sides of holes or on the outer sides of bolts. Threaded bolts and holes that fit together are called screws. Screws are detachable connecting components. The central components of a thread are its incline and diameter. The stability of a thread is influenced by its incline, its diameter and the chosen work material into which it will be screwed.
  • Threads refer to a structure containing holes and bolts
  • Fitting threads form a screw
  • Machines used for thread machining are applied for the task of inserting threads
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Functions and importance of a machine used for thread machining

Machines used for thread machining are very similar to bench drilling machines. The device with the motor and the thread cutter is fixed onto a stud frame that can be lowered mechanically, pneumatically or hydraulically. Thereby, the thread is placed into the already mass produced holes. Combined drilling and thread machines are particularly efficient. Machines used for thread machining are applied in the mass production of small parts, where a thread needs to be incorporated. The workpieces are continually placed underneath the machine using a conveyor belt, and then they are fixed in position and processed. These machines allow for large numbers of products to be processed quickly.

REIKA Thread machine in use

Working with a machine used for thread machining

These machines are integrated into continual manufacturing processes. They can be used at individual workstations or integrated into an assembly line and controlled using sensors. Machines used for thread machining on individual workstations can be operated by semi-skilled workers. Even the switching of the screw taps can be done by assistants after a short training. Because thread cutting is a metal-cutting processes, the cleanliness of the workspace is particularly important. Extraction units are suitable for this task. Due to the sharp edges and corners of the products, workers using machines at individual workstations should always wear protective gloves.

Used thread machine 02

Accessories for machines used for thread machining

The workpiece is generally not finished purely after cutting the threads. With thread cutting, chippings can remain in the interior of the workpiece. The cutting process can also form ridges. Therefore the deburring and cleaning of the thread is very important. This necessary work should be done in the same vicinity, and ideally directly after the initial process, in order to ensure efficiency. A properly established workspace used for thread machining or small parts should contain a drilling tool that produces the hole for the thread and can adjust the dimensions as required. Finally, the thread is incorporated and the workpiece is deburred and cleaned. That means all the metal-cutting process can occur in one spot.

Suppliers of machines for thread machining

Recommended suppliers of machines for thread machining include MICROTAP, HAAS, JANICH-DESIGN and HAGEN+GOEBEL.

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