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Tilting Spindle Moulders

Milling machines for processing complex shaped wood 1 Item
SCHELLING Spindle moulder Tilting Spindle Moulders
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Top lot
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 1,800 x 1,700 x 1,700 mm
Year of manufacture unknown
Weight approx. 700 kg
Item available from January 2022
Delivery terms FCA Schwoich, loaded on truck
Schwoich Austria, 6334 Schwoich
25/01/2022 11:05
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  1. The tilting spindle moulder used in industrial woodworking
  2. Areas of application for tilting spindle moulders
  3. Brand names and manufacturers of tilting spindle moulder
Used tilting spindle moulder

The tilting spindle moulder used in industrial woodworking

The tilting spindle moulder is used for a large variety of tasks in industrial furniture production. This allows work materials to be formatted on both sides, thinned and to produce curled millings. Thereby, modern methods are primarily used. Most of the CNC-controlled woodworking machines are ideal for mass producing furniture fronts or other mouldings.
  • Formatting, milling and thinning of work materials
  • Used for the processing of complicated forms on workpieces
  • High levels of precision and work very quickly
check1 Quality  check2 Great offers  check3 Personalized A tilting spindle moulder is made out of a stable base, which houses some of the main components including the engine. The workpiece table is big enough to provide a good surface for workpieces that will be processed. Vertical strokes are used to set the desired cutting depth. The milling spindle is located centrally in the rear area. This protection is in place to prevent the operator from accidentally coming in contact with the spindle. The NC-controlled machines include a display and the required settings can be implemented via the control panel. Very modern CNC-tilting spindle moulders look very similar to CNC-lathes. The feeder device, as well as a completely enclose workspace, are some of the defining features. Generously large windows mean that it is possible to monitor the ongoing work process. These machines are available with one, or even many spindles. Aiding equipment like tool adjustment devices mean that workpieces can be quickly aligned for various processing tasks. Used tilting spindle moulder These highly effective tilting spindle moulders are often equipped with up to 4 or 5 fixed axles and most of these are electronically controlled.

Areas of application for tilting spindle moulders

A tilting spindle moulder is mainly used to process complicated forms onto workpieces for the industrial manufacturing of furniture and other wood pieces. Thereby, the high efficiency of these machines, which are equipped with several active axles, is very important. High-end guides and precise operating systems for the tools ensure high accuracy, fast operation and excellent repeatability. The adjusting of the machine is conducted using a controlling system. Various standard programmes make the programming of these machines very easy. This means that the furniture fronts for rustic kitchens, cupboard walls and profile pieces can be economically produced in large numbers.

Brand names and manufacturers of tilting spindle moulder

Several companies have specialised in manufacturing tilting spindle moulders. Some of the most recommended suppliers include FORMAT, MA.CO.2L, CASOLIN, MIDA, STETON, SCM, HOFMANN MASCHINENFABRIK, MINIMAX, GUILLIET, CASADEI BUSSELATO, and HOLZ-HER.

Used tilting spindle moulder

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