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Universal saws for shortening, cutting & notching

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General Overhaul Log Band Saw NIENKEMPER VBS 16 with Block Carriage Type BWH 10 Sawmill / Log Band Saw
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AMADA HFA-400 W Automatic band saw
Stefanesti, Arges
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THOMAS Super Trad 300 Vertical Bandsaw
St. Gallen
16/04/2019 10:07
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SABI PBR 500/ 850 Vertical Bandsaw
24/04/2019 10:07
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SOCOMEC SN 560 Vertical Band Saw
04/04/2019 11:08
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DOALL DVV1A Vertical Band Saw
09/04/2019 09:54
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MÖSSNER REKORD SSF 350 Vertical Band Saw
27/03/2019 14:09
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MIDSAW Vertical Band Saw
28/03/2019 14:00
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CLARAMUNT Vertical Band Saw
Figueres (Girona)
26/03/2019 12:36
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  1. Vertical bandsaws with high speeds
  2. One of the oldest tools
  3. Vertical bandsaws for course and fine processing
  4. Suppliers of used vertical bandsaws
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Vertical bandsaws with high speeds

Vertical bandsaws are stationary machine tools with a bandsaw blade, which is welded onto a closed ring. Commonly, the bandsaw blade rotates over two motor-operated rollers. There are also machines available with three or four operating rollers. These are mainly used in the woodworking and metalworking industries, but can also be applied in other sectors. Depending on what they are used for, the tooth tips of bandsaw blades are made out of hard metal, satellite (various levels of hardness), HSS (high speed steel) or hardened steel. They are particularly suited to cut irregular or curvy forms. The term "vertical" refers to the state of the sawing belt. The even sawing movement leads to uniform and smooth cuts on the workpiece. Modern bandsaws can reach speeds of up to 1000m/min are electronically adjustable. The working table of vertical bandsaw can be fixed or manually adjusted. Better models also have a hydraulic setting.

  • Stationary tool with a rotating sawing blade
  • Used for woodworking and metalworking
  • Suitable for cutting irregular and curvy forms
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One of the oldest tools

Over time diverse specialised saws have developed. A new development in the 15 brought in the steel saw. During the industrialisation various motor operated saws came into use. Mobile bandsaw, including self-propelled models, have been used since the beginning of the last century in order to cut firewood into blocks. Vertical bandsaws increased the number of areas where a bandsaw could be used. Now it is a universal machine that can be used for trimming, separating and notching.

JAESPA Vertical bandsaw in use

Vertical bandsaws for course and fine processing

There are two types of vertical bandsaws. Block bandsaw machines are used for the sawing of large panels and blocks. It can also process large, heavy workpieces that are usually automatically positioned using forceps. The vertical bandsaw is commonly used for the building of tools. During this process, the workpiece is manually pushed through the sawing belt. The vertical bandsaw is able to cut contours. With a moveable table, properly equipped machines can produce diagonal cuts. Models used for metalworking are stably constructed and often contain an integrated welding apparatus and ventilation system. Bandsaws are used for the production of plastic, aerated concrete, textiles and leather. Models made out of stainless steel are used in the food industry for the sawing of bones and frozen meat.

Suppliers of used vertical bandsaws

Several manufacturers of vertical bandsaws are present on the market. High-quality machines are available from KASTO, MOESSNER, JAESPA and WAGNER. In our industrial auctions used machines in good condition can regularly be found for good prices. As our product offer is constantly changing it is recommended to regularly take a look on our used machinery platform to not miss any great deal. In case there are questions of any kind don't hesitate to contact the Surplex Customer Care at any time.

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