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BÜTFERING classic 313-00E Wide Belt Sander
29/03/2019 11:01
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SCM SANDYA 10 RRCS 130 Wide-Belt Sander
27/03/2019 11:04
2  Bids
12/04/2019 10:03
0  Bids
SBF 950 R+R 2W 526 Wide Belt Sander
10/04/2019 11:02
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DMC TOPSAND 135 TB 1 Wide Belt Sander
10/04/2019 11:06
0  Bids
GRÜTZMACHER GFM 423 Undersurface and Surface Sanding Machine
10/04/2019 11:01
0  Bids
SCM SANDYA CLK 3 G RRT 110 K Wide Belt Sander
27/03/2019 11:29
2  Bids
SCM SANDYA 10 RCS 110 Wide Belt Sander
27/03/2019 11:54
4  Bids
HEESEMANN KSM 2 Wide Belt Sander
10/04/2019 11:11
0  Bids
ERNST EPS 3 Wide Belt Sander
L´Hospitalet d…
0  Bids
VIET CHALLENGE 321 C Wide-Belt Sander
Loeches - Madrid
20  Bids
CASADEI LIBRA 4 Wide-Belt Sander
Chiclana, Cadiz
2  Bids

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  1. What is a wide-belt sander?
  2. Operation of a wide-belt sander
  3. Field of application of wide belt sanders
  4. Choosing the right wide belt sander for your needs
  5. Well-known wide belt sander manufacturers
Used wide belt sander general view

What is a wide-belt sander?

In the area of woodworking, sanders are used to shape wood surfaces in order to ensure a flat and smooth finish. With wide belt sanders, the abrasive grit is fixed on the sandpaper using a binding agent and is used for removing small chippings from the surface of wood workpieces. In industrial settings, the sanding belt of a wide-belt sander can have rim width of up to 2000mm. In addition, wide belt sanding machines that are used in the wood and furniture industry, have sanding belts several metres long. A wide belt sander is a potent machine that can reduce the production time, minimize staffing needs and create a final product finer than the most-skilled human hand could ever manually produce.

  • Sanding of wooden surfaces
  • Rim width of up to 2000mm
  • Force controlled sanding process
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Operation of a wide-belt sander

The sanding belt generally runs through the wide belt sanding machine over two or more rollers. A roller is operated using an electric motor and at least one of the rollers is hydraulically operated in order to ensure that there is tension in the sanding belt. The rollers are formed in a round shape, centring the sanding belt. In most cases, the sanding process is force-controlled, even though current consumption of a wide-belt sander motor is one of the most important inputs.

SANDINGMASTER Wide belt sander in operation

Field of application of wide belt sanders

The typical use of wide belt sanders is for surface grinding; they are used to sand massive wood workpieces to the desired thickness and defined surface characteristics. In comparison to grinding machines that work with rotating workpieces, the wide belt sander's advantage is the sanding belt's large working surface area. Raw and veneered wood material like chipboard, wood fibreboard and plywood are sanded before the veneering or gluing process. In the last work step, surfaces and veneering are smoothed and precision-ground.

Choosing the right wide belt sander for your needs

A wide variety of available wide belt sanders makes determining the right one for a particular job rather complicated. Among the most important things to consider when buying a new or used wide belt sander are horsepower, grit and shore hardness. In order to determine the adequate horsepower of a wide belt sanding machine one must do appropriate research, as a close estimation of the sander's horsepower needs is crucial for ensuring the optimal performance of a wide-belt sander. When choosing horsepower, it is important to know that higher horsepower does not necessarily mean more optimal performance, as the price of the sander rises with higher horsepower, while too much horsepower increases the production costs as well. In addition to horsepower, it is important to consider shore hardness of a wide belt sander. Shore hardness is used to evaluate the hardness of the drum in comparison to steel; the greater the number, the nearer it is to the hardness level of steel. Finally, the finer the sanding grit of a wide belt sanding machine, the lower the shore hardness required.

Well-known wide belt sander manufacturers

Well-known wide belt sanding machine manufacturers, whose machines achieve reliable high-end results, are HEESEMANN, SAC, PAOLONI, HOUFEK, CASADEI, BOERE, BUETFERING, VIET and SML. A wide belt sander for sale, made by some of the above-mentioned manufacturers, can often be found in very good condition on our Surplex website and we also occasionally offer second-hand wide belt sanders in our industrial auctions at a competitive price. Due to a continuously changing machine offer we recommend to regularly visit our used wide belt sanders page in order to find the preferred second-hand wide belt sander for your needs, as well as to visit our auction page and other machine pages, and browse through the rest of our offer.

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