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Wide Belt Sanders

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HEESEMANN MFA 6 Broad Belt sanding Machine
5 Bids
14,000 €
COSTA LEVIGATRICI 71 CT 1350 Wide Belt Sander
Montecalvo in …
0 Bids
13,000 €
DMC UNISAND 2000 Wide belt sander
0 Bids
12,000 €
CB 3N TRT MS Wide Belt Sander
Madignano (CR)
0 Bids
5,500 €
BÜTFERING VEGA 111 E Wide Belt Sander
13 Bids
2,200 €
OTT RSK-0-1100 Wide-Belt Sander
13 Bids
1,900 €
ZURLAN Z-016/4 Broad Belt sanding Machine
3 Bids
1,600 €
ZURLAN Z-016/2 Wide Belt Sanding Machine
9 Bids
1,400 €
LEVIGALTECNICA SRNC 110  Calibrating Machine
Madignano (CR)
0 Bids
1,300 €
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  1. What is a "wide belt sander"
  2. The functions of a wide belt sander
  3. Where is a wide belt sander used?
  4. Well-known manufacturers of wide belt sanders
Used wide belt sander general view

What is a "wide belt sander"

For the processing of wood, sanders are used to sand wood surfaces, to ensure a flat and smooth texture. The abrasive grit is fixed on the sandpaper using a binding agent, and removes small chippings off the surface of the wood workpiece. In industrial settings, the send sanding belt send of a wide belt sander can have a width of up to 2000mm.
  • Sanding of wooden surfaces
  • Rim width of up to 2000mm
  • Force controlled sanding process
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This is used to sand massive wood workpieces to the desired thickness and defined surface characteristics. Raw and veneered wood material like chipboard, wood fibreboard and plywood are sanded before the veneering or gluing process. In the last work step, surfaces and veneering are smoothed and precision-ground.

The functions of a wide belt sander

The sanding belt generally runs through the belt sander machine over two or more rollers. A roller is operated using an electric motor and at least one of the rollers is hydraulically operated, in order to ensure that there is tension in the sanding belt. The rollers are formed in a round shape, centring the sanding belt. In most cases the sanding process is force controlled, even though the current consumption of the sanding motor is one of the most important inputs.

SANDINGMASTER Wide belt sander in use

Where is a wide belt sander used?

The typical use for a wide belt sander is for surface grinding. In comparison to grinding machines that work with rotating workpieces, the sander's advantage is the sanding belt's large working surface area. Machines that are used in the wood and furniture industry, have sanding belts several metres large.

Well-known manufacturers of wide belt sanders

Well-known manufacturers of wide belt sanders, where even the second hand machines will achieve reliable high-end results, are HEESEMANN, SAC, PAOLONI, HOUFEK, CASADEI, BOERE, BUETFERING, VIET and SML.

Used wide belt sander workplace
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