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  1. A machine, that builds a window?
  2. Mono-functional to complete fabrication
  3. Useful accessories for window machinery
  4. Who uses window machinery?
  5. Providers of window machinery
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A machine, that builds a window?

Windows are everyday products that are very complex. They consist of a special profiled frame, several seals, panes, and are mechanically complex. Due to the necessity of thermal protection, most affordable window segments are made out of PVC, which requires a more demanding process. Thermal protection regulations pose high requirements on the performance of a window. Soundproofing is also a field, where further research is being conducted. Windows need to be easily and continuously installed and need to be able to withstand the weather for decades.
  • Equipment for windows manufacturing
  • Range from simple machines to full automatic windows
  • Sawing, adhesive and welded processing of wood and plastics
check1 Quality  check2 Great offers  check3 Personalized This results in modern window building being a very demanding endeavour. Much of the window machinery is very efficient, as mass production of windows is only possible with automatic production processes.

Mono-functional to complete fabrication

All machinery and tools that are used to build windows fall under the category of "window machinery". The simplest machine is the specially fitted mitre-saw, which is used to cut windows, with precision, into the desired shape. Window machinery involved in the full cycle window manufacturing process is completely run by computers.
ELUMATEC / STÜRTZ / WEGOMA Window machinery in use These automatic machines conduct a variety of tasks from millimetre-precise cutting of the shape, to the development and sealing of the glass pane, to the long-lasting welding and gluing of the window. This type of window machinery is particularly suitable for mass production. With the appropriate programming and loading they can manufacture a complete set of windows, even for individual construction projects. Using loading robots means that these machines do not require a lot of personnel. However, they require a high amount of investment, which has to be very well calculated. Simple window machinery is a standard feature for every carpenter’s workshop and window manufacturer.

Useful accessories for window machinery

Window machinery is used to saw, glue and weld wood and plastic. For this reason, there needs to be a good extraction machine installed near the window machinery. A lot of pollutants are emitted during this process, particularly during the welding of plastic. Furthermore, windows are quality goods, but can break very easily. Glass panes require special attention during transportation and delivery. With an automatic machine, fractures and other damages are minimised.

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Who uses window machinery?

Window machinery can be loaded manually, which is a task that can be conducted by assistants. However, only professionals should be employed to programme and maintain the machine. Industrial mechanics with good programming knowledge are the most suitable professionals.

Providers of window machinery

Window machinery is a complex and a niche product, which is only used by a minimum amount of mechanical engineers. These are the recommended, and most well-known, providers of window machinery: GUBISCH, STAEHLE, SCHROEDER, SCHAEFER, HAFFNER.

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