GRANDINI Transverse and Longitudinal slitting line

SIMA BDS 76 Lateral Slitting Line

SIMA BDS 76 Lateral Slitting Line

Price On request

Costs and benefits

Delivery terms   EXW Buftea, ex foundation, unpackaged
Cost Dismantling & Loading   If requested, we can also load your equipment onto the truck for a price of 10,000.00 EUR. Simply get in touch.
Shipping costs   not included
Payment terms   100% payment prior to collection

Machine details

Name   GRANDINI Transverse and Longitudinal slitting line
Item No.   452122
Manufacturer   GRANDINI
Model / Type   PSM 15 / PNSU 15 / LTC B 7415 TT
Year of manufacture   2005
Machine available from   Immediately
Machine location   Romania, 070000 Buftea
Machine condition   uncheckedSome of our machines cannot be tested by our project managers since they are not in a position to power the device. In cases such as these, we will be unable to guarantee the functionality of the item.

Technical details

strip width   1,500 mm
coil internal diameter   500/600 mm
coil external diameter   1,400 mm
coil weight   max. 7000 kg
Weight approx.   8,000 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.   8,922 x 2,500 x 2,600 mm


The longitudinal and transverse slitting line consists of:

Swift Decoiler PSM 15 Grandini,
- max. width of the coil 1,500 mm max. Capacity 10,000 kg,
- max. coil diameter 1,400 mm,
- sheet thickness 0.4 to 2.5 mm,
- electrohydraulic drive chuck,
- pneumatically controlled sliding rollers,
- hydraulic extension of the mandrel 470-520 mm,
- max. Running speed 30 m/min,
- weight 3200 kg, dimensions 1230 x 2500 x 1870 mm
Articulated plane PNSU 15:
- dimensions 3565 x 2500 x 1250 mm
Shearing Line LTCB 7415 TT Grandini Straightening and Cutting Machine (Compact Line)
- 1550 x 2.5 mm,
- 2 pull rolls with diameter 120 mm, pneumatically driven,
- 7 rolls made of high quality chrome steel, chrome plated, diam. 120 mm - for straightening,
- length measuring system 0 -100 mm,
- electrically pneumatically driven guillotine (4 kW motor) with clutch / brake,
- max. Thickness of the top plate 2.5 mm,
- min. Thickness of the top plate 0.4 mm,
- tolerance to the length mm. +/- 0.25,
- weight 3000 kg, dimensions 4000 x 2500 x 2600 mm,

overall dimensions of the complete system 8920 x 2500 x 2600 mm,
- Electrical control cabinet contains all electrical and electronic control devices, including CNC control

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