HOMAG KF 20/20/QA/PU/30 Double-sided Format Processing– and Edge Banding Machine

on request
Delivery terms: FCA Köln, loaded on truck
Cost Dismantling & Loading: 5,700€ (binding)
Shipping costs: not included
Payment terms: 100% payment prior to collection


Name: HOMAG KF 20/20/QA/PU/30 Double-sided Format Processing– and Edge Banding Machine
Item No.: 460249
Manufacturer: HOMAG
Model / Type: KF 20/20/QA/PU/30
Year of manufacture: 2000
Machine available from: immediately
Machine condition: in working order
Location: Germany, 51103 Köln
serial number: 0-202-11-5077
edge thickness: 0,4 - 3 mm
workpiece thickness: 8 - 60 mm
feed: 10 - 40 m/min
hollow width: 240 - 3000 mm
stop dogs: ja / yes
hogger unit: ja / yes
gluing unit: QA34 / A3/ PU 34
snipping unit: ja / yes
rough trimming unit: ja / yes
profile trimming unit: ja / yes
universal trimming unit: ja / yes
flat scraping unit: ja / yes
profile scraping unit: ja / yes
edge buffing unit: ja / yes
control: NC 21
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1 x 1 x 1 mm
Weight approx.: 1 kg
High-quality double-sided HOMAG format processing– and edge banding machine (fix side left, adjustable side right) with turning station TD 31/30/12 LONGITUDINAL-CROSS

Technical data of the components:

Data HOMAG TD 31/30/12 LONGITUDINAL-CROSS turning station:
- Workpiece length 250 - 3000 mm (4000)
- Workpiece width 220 - 1200 mm
- Feed infinitely variable / inlet 11 - 60 m/min / outlet 7 - 40 m/min

Data HOMAG KF 20/20/QA/PU/30 double-sided edge banding machine:

- Working width double-sided min. 240 mm
- Working width double-sided max. 3000 mm
- Workpiece size max. 2500 mm x 1600 mm
- Release agent application via spray nozzles
- Compact double hogger with 2 motors each 4,5 KW per side and stepless axes
- Glueing units QA34 (PU 34) 2 pieces with each 12-fold edging magazine max. 3 mm
- Snipping unit HL04 with 2 motors each 0,18 KW per side
- Rough trimming unit with 2 motors each 0,55 KW per side
- Profile trimming unit FK 13 (8 fold changer) with 2 motors each 0,55 KW per side
- Profil trimming unit FF 12 with 2 motors each 0,40 KW per side
- Universal trimming unit UF 12 with 2 motors each 4 kW per side, max. 90 degree traversable
- Multi-profile scraper MN21
- Flat scraper
- Release agent application via spray nozzles
- Buffer unit with 2 motors each 0,25 KW per side

Transportation of the dismantled machine requires a transport rack supplied by HOMAG which incurs costs of EUR 4,000,-- plus VAT. After the transport rack has been returned to HOMAG, this amount minus a value deduction of 10 % will be refunded.)
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