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LIGMATECH Optimat MDE 10 + MPN 10 Case Press

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Machine details

Name   LIGMATECH Optimat MDE 10 + MPN 10 Case Press
Item No.   76165
Manufacturer   LIGMATECH
Model / Type   Optimat MDE 10 + MPN 10
Year of manufacture   2002
Machine available from   At once
Machine condition   good
Machine location   72285 Pfalzgrafenweiler, Deutschland

Technical details

serial number   0-309-04-1584
press length   300 - 2800 mm
press width   300 - 800 mm
daylight opening   300 - 1200 mm
control   HOMATIC NC16


The Optimat MDE 10/08 is a electric continuous press to the commission manufacturing of free standing cabinets, and as single machine or at bond with a assembly line. Work flow direction from left to right (by view on general control site). The video is an example for the procedure, they works from right to left and stands at the same work. The press forces becoming horizontal and vertical electric generated and are separately adjustable. The swaging ensued hub centering and on a zero line on the control site, whereby the press forces vertical through a pressure plate and horizontal through per 3 pressure cheeks angered becoming. Technical details: press length 300 – 2800 mm, press width 300 – 800 mm, press height 300 – 1200 mm, feed transport 8 – 40 m/min., capacity approx. 2 clock/min. press power vertical up to 40 KN, press power horizontal up to 25 KN, Item 1 nail robot Optimat MPN 10/25/12 is a autonomous machine. On him can tools to clamp or screw from back board becoming affixed. The MPN 10 is a cartesian agent facility with 3 servo axis. Additional can the tool +/- 90 degree pivot becoming. The clamp-facility consist of clamp pistol brand BeA, type 260, with automatic reloading station, Item 2 barcode control, barcode reader automatic, Datalogic. Item 3 roller table Optimat TR 10/35/06/W, stroke site right, technical details: lenght 3500 mm, working width 600 mm, feed continuous 7-40 m/min, Item 4 body erecter consist of a conveyor belt with 2 vertical arranged bracket, demountable. Item 5 roller table Optimat TR 10/25/06, arrester site left, technical details: lenght 2500 mm, working width 600 mm, feed continuous 7-40 m/min, Item 6 stroke tape Optimat MTH 10/23/05 serves to the adjustment of working height and corpus dimensions respectively to conquer of vertical height inside the transport roadway. Technical details: length 2500 mm, width 600 mm

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