YASDA YBM-700 NTT 50 R 5-Axis-Precision-Machining Centre

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MAP MPZ 630 5-Axis Machining Centre

MAP MPZ 630 5-Axis Machining Centre

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Costs and benefits

Delivery terms   loaded on truck
Cost Dismantling & Loading   4,900.00 € (binding)
Shipping costs   not included
Payment terms   100% payment prior to collection

Machine details

Name   YASDA YBM-700 NTT 50 R 5-Axis-Precision-Machining Centre
Item No.   339850
Manufacturer   YASDA
Model / Type   YBM-700 NTT 50 R
Year of manufacture   2003
Machine available from   immediately
Machine condition   in working order
Machine location   58256 Ennepetal, Germany

Technical details

x-travel   720 mm
y-travel   800 mm
z-travel   800 mm
control   FANUC 160 i/MB
pallet table size   500 x 500 mm
taper   SK 40 BIG PLUS
toolchanger positions   180
turning speed range   200 - 18000 rpm
Weight approx.   26500 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.   7825 x 5100 x 3695 mm


Please consider the different location. The machine is ideally suited for high-precision machining, the milling, drilling and high-volume hard milling, has hand scraped and tempered Hybrid Systems with self-regulating spindle preload, with high rigidity and repeatability in the micron range. The machine allows better processing results which cannot be achieved with a conventional spindle. The Big Plus spindle system, high performance machines are exploited thanks to significantly improved interface stability. Designed for HSC system reduces the usual distance between the tool flange and machine spindle to face contact and so gives the interface an increased radial stiffness. The larger reference diameter between the spindle and toolholder brought greater stability of the interface with the Big Plus system. Reaching the mechanical BT-40-Big-Plus tool holder with its additional investment plan stiffness of a BT-50 tool holder. So not only longer tool life but also best surface qualities are possible. The groove-free design of the clamping nut and the precision ground surface of Big-Plus toolholder provide the tools vibration-free and noise-free running behavior at high speeds. It can Big Plus and standard tools are used in the Big Plus spindle. The highly precise connection between spindle and tool holder is achieved firstly by the specially ground tool holder and the machine spindle and the other by a small stretch of the spindle piston during the collection process of the tool. The essential for the radial stiffness reference diameter decreases by SK-40-Big-Plus tool of 44.45 mm to 63 mm (comparable HSK 63) and thus gives the system a remarkable improvement in the basic rigidity and the vibration resistance. In addition, precision and repeat accuracy are the main features of the Big-Plus system. It was found a change in the tool position of less than 1 micron in automatic tool change over a given measurement period beyond. Due to this high repeat accuracy, the system achieved, for example in drilling and reaming extremely high surface qualities. The machine is equipped with 5 controlled axes X, Y, Z, A and B, linear 5 axes, circular interpolation 2 axes control including MiPS control, RENISHAW probe MP 700, Tool coolant system with 35 bar high pressure cooling through the Spindle, additional minimum lubrication, Coolant-vapor exhaust, 800 liter tank and spray nozzles 3 bar pressure, 2 chip conveyor internal, 1 scraper conveyor outside BLUM Laser tool length and radius compensation, FANUC monitoring Tool life, Interface for EROWA Robot ERS and JOB Management System, about 100 tool holders SK 40 BIG PLUS and zero point climping system. Without Tools, clamping devices, alu-tables for zero point clamping system and documentatisch in German and English language.

- Biggest workpiece Swivel Interference 700 mm
- Table A pivotal movement axis 110 ° (10 to -100 °)
- Table-turning movement B-axis 360 °
- Smallest indexing unit 0.0001 °
- Table load horizontal / vertical 700/450 kg, max
. - Load torque 1,000 Nm
- Feed X / Y / Z = 1-10000 mm / min
- A-axis ° 1-1080
- B-axis 1-3600 °
- Rapid feed X / Y / Z = 16000/20000/20000 mm / min
. - Drive power AC 18.5 KW
- Maximum tool diameter 100 mm (250 mm with free adjacent location)
- Maximum tool length 440 mm
. See more details In the video. We will send you a brochure as a PDF file. The current Measurement report from 23.08.2016 is attached as PDF ! See enclosed data sheet in the annex for a precise specifications
The room requirement planning is also attached.

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MAP MPZ 630 5-Axis Machining Centre MAP MPZ 630 5-Axis Machining Centre
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