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BEHRINGER Metallbügelsäge hacksaw
Germany, 76316 Malsch/Karlsruhe
BEHRINGER Metallbügelsäge hacksaw

In 1919, the first BEHRINGER mechanical workshop was opened, which heralded the start of the BEHRINGER GmbH company we know today. The BEHRINGER Group acquired the circular saw specialists EISELE in 2000 and expanded their range accordingly. The company is now being run by the third generation. It employs 400 members of staff around the world and exports to more than 70 countries.

BEHRINGER has specialised in producing bandsaw machines and is the market leader within this segment. The first BEHRINGER bandsaw machine came onto the market in 1977. Today, the BEHRINGER range includes straight-cutting bandsaws, mitre-cutting bandsaws, vertical bandsaws, and large-scale bandsaws. In addition to their new machines, used BEHRINGER bandsaws are easily obtainable from a thriving second-hand market.

BEHRINGER straight-cutting bandsaws

BEHRINGER straight-cutting bandsaws encompass fully- and semi-automatic devices (HBP), fully-automatic saws (HBE DYNAMIC), and high-performance bandsaws from the HBM series.

Series Semi-automatic HBP Series Fully-automatic HBP Series HBE Dynamic Series HBM Series Models HBP263 HBP263A HBE261A Dynamic HBM440A HBP313 HBP313A HBE321A Dynamic HBM540A HBP413 HBP413A HBE411A Dynamic HBM800A HBP513 HBP513A HBE511A Dynamic HBM800-1201A HBP430 HBP413A3 HBE563A Dynamic HBM440ALU HBP530 HBP430A HBE663A Dynamic HBM540ALU HBP530-1104 HBP530A HBM800ALU HBP610 HBP610A HBM440A-PC-E HBP650 HBP650-850A HBM540A-PC-E HBP800 HBP800-850A HBP800-1201 HBP1000A HBP1000 HBP263A-G HBP313A-G

BEHRINGER semi-automatic HBP bandsaws are capable of cutting through everything: from dividing up pipes/profiles through to solid material with difficult machining properties. These semi-automatic devices are especially suited to processing low piece numbers and one-off cuts, even where there are frequently changing cutting lengths or the cuts are already marked on the material. The 90° (round) cutting range spans from 260 to 1000 millimetres and for 90° flat; 300 x 260 up to 1000 x 1000 millimetres.

The fully-automatic machines of the HBP Series are truly versatile devices used for dividing solid materials, pipes and profiles. The 90° (round) cutting range in the fully-automatic machines is between 260 and 1000, for 90° flat; it is between 300 x 260 and 1000 x 1000 millimetres. The robust and powerful bandsaws of the HBE DYNAMIC Series are extremely energy efficient. In the 90° (round) cutting range, these machines can cut up to 260 to 660 millimetres (depending on model). The 90° (flat) cutting range spans from 300 x 260 up to 710 x 600 millimetres.

Wherever there are high piece rates and very hard steel materials, the powerful bandsaws of the HBM Series are the ideal choice thanks to their outstanding cutting performance. The 90° (round) cutting range is between 440 and 510 millimetres, and for 90° (flat); between 440 x 440 or 1200 x 800 millimetres.

BEHRINGER mitre-cutting bandsaws

The range of mitre-cutting bandsaws produced by BEHRINGER for machining steel and other metals includes swing frame bandsaws in the SLB range, as well as basic mitre-cutting saws and automatic mitre-cutting saws in the HBP Series.

Series HBP Series HBP Fully-automatic Series SLB Series Models HBP263G HBP310-403GA SLB230G HBP260-403G HBP310-523GA SLB230DG HBP313G HBP410-723GA SLB230DG Halbautomat HBP310-523G HBP410-923GA SLB240G Halbautomat HBP410-723G HBP510-723GA SLB240A HBP410-923G HBP510-923GA HBP510-723G HBP510-1208GA HBP510-923G HBP800-1004GA HBP510-1208G HBP800-1304G

The mitre-cutting saws in the BEHRINGER HBP Series can be individually configured to make mitre cuts between 90 and 45°. The 90° (round) cutting range of the ten devices is between 260 and 800 millimetres, and for 90° (flat); between 400 x 260 and 1300 x 750 millimetres.

The fully-automatic machines of the HBP Series are specially designed for machining structural steelwork and are capable of automatic left and right mitre cuts. Popular devices include the BEHRINGER HBP 220 semi-automatic bandsaw and the (no longer produced) BEHRINGER HBP 320 band saw. Fully automatic mitre cuts can be performed on both sides of a given workpiece using a numerically controlled (NC) feed gripper in conjunction with an NC saw frame mitre box. The 90° (round) cutting range lies between 310 and 810 millimetres, and for 90° (flat); between 400 x 310 and 1000 x 800 millimetres.

The swing frame bandsaws of the SLB Series are ideal for dividing pipes, profiles and solid materials made of metal and comparable plastics. The two models in the series are capable of making mitre cuts from + 30° through to - 45° and feature a scale for setting the exact angle. The 90° (round) cutting range lies between 240 or 260 millimetres, and for 90° (flat); between 280 x 210 and 370 x 260 millimetres.

BEHRINGER vertical plate saws

BEHRINGER’s vertical plate saws include the small LP60S-T saw as well as the larger scale LSP Series of automatic vertical plate saws.

Series LPS60-T LPS Series Automaten LPS Series Models LPS40-2 LPS120-120-3 LPS40-3 LPS120-120-4 LPS40-4 LPS100-120-6 LPS40-6 LPS40-160-3 LPS60-2 LPS40-160-4 LPS60-3 LPS20-160-6 LPS60-4 LPS80-160-3 LPS40-120-3 LPS80-160-4 LPS40-120-4 LPS60-160-6 LPS20-120-6 LPS120-160-3 LPS80-120-3 LPS120-160-4 LPS80-120-4 LPS100-160-6 LPS60-120-6

The BEHRINGER LPS 60 T features a cutting width of 720 millimetres and can cut solid panels and blocks powerfully and accurately, which makes it ideal for tool-making and trial cuts. The BEHRINGER LPS 60 T can also be used to cut and divide very heavy-duty materials.

BEHRINGER produces a varied range of 25 vertical saws in their LPS Series. The vertical saws in this range are especially suited to the production of blanks in all plate dimensions and thicknesses. Their cutting width ranges between 680 and 1600 millimetres; cutting height between 200 and 1200.

The fully-automatic machines in the LPS range can perform cutting procedures lengthwise and crosswise. Cutting widths of between 680 and 1600 millimetres can be achieved, depending on model. The cutting height ranges between 400 and 1000 millimetres.

BEHRINGER large horizontal bandsaws

The company produces semi- and fully-automatic saws, gantry machines and table-design saws within their HBP Series.

Series Semi-automatic & Automatic Gantry machines Table machines Models HBP1100 HBP1100 GANTRY HBP1100T HBP1100-1500 HBP1100-1500 GANTRY HBP1100-1500T HBP1100-1800 HBP1100-1800 GANTRY HBP1100-1800T HBP1100-2100 HBP1100-2100 GANTRY HBP1500T HBP1500 HBP1500 GANTRY HBP1500-1800T HBP1100A HBP1500-1800 GANTRY HBP1100-1500A HBP1500-2100 GANTRY HBP1500A HBP1800 GANTRY HBP1800-2100 GANTRY HBP2100 GANTRY

The BEHRINGER HBP Series features a range of versatile devices in fully- and semi-automatic versions. With their semi-automatic devices, the material is transported by the operator, whereas their fully-automatic saws feature CNC processes to automatically cut and divide solid materials and pipes using a feed gripper unit. The 90° (round) cutting range can be between 1100 and 1500 millimetres. The minimum width is between 100 and 500 millimetres, depending on model.

BEHRINGER gantry machines are robust yet space-saving. These ultimate cutting machines can achieve cutting ranges of between 1100 and 2100 millimetres in their 90° (round) cutting range. For 90° (flat), the cutting range is between 1800 x 1800 and 6500 x 1800 millimetres. The devices are widespread in forging mills, die-casting foundries, and steel finishing plants.

BEHRINGER table-top machines are multi-talented heavy-weights ideal for bulky materials. They are supplied as semi-automatic devices but can be fully automated if required. The 90° (round) cutting range lies between 1100 or 1500 millimetres, and for 90° (flat); between 1100 x 1100 up to 1800 x 1500 millimetres.

As used machinery, BEHRINGER saws are still a wise investment and they can be found in large numbers on the second-hand market, especially the automatic bandsaws of the HBM Series and the fully-automatic saws of the HBP Series. The latter regularly feature build dates in the 1980s and 1990s, but occasionally newer models from 2000 onwards can be found.

For a time, the company also produced hacksaws, which can also be found frequently in second-hand marketplaces, mostly featuring build dates in the 1970s. Spare BEHRINGER saw parts are available for BEHRINGER saws and other BEHRINGER equipment, and if maintained adequately, used BEHRINGER saws from Germany can be an ideal alternative to purchasing brand new machinery.