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BEHRINGER GmbH - Used machinery at Surplex


  2. The History of BEHRINGER
  3. Products from BEHRINGER
  4. The Company in Numbers
  • Products: Band cutting saws
  • Location: Germany
  • Founded: 1989
  • Website:


BEHRINGER Saws is an innovative company based in Kirchardt, Germany, which has worldwide distribution of industrial metal cutting saws. The saw technology adopted consists of a unique cutting system which has enabled BEHRINGER to become a world leader in its industry sector. The long established manufacturing techniques are set in the context of ongoing research leading to fresh thinking and forward looking designs. These designs are then released in the manufacturing processes using high quality materials, resulting in premium products that are reliable and cost effective.

The History of BEHRINGER

This family owned company was founded in 1919 by August Behringer and today, ninety-five years later, is thriving in a competitive market place. During this time it has improved worldwide with significant developments in 1952, 1977 and the year 2000 resulting in the company being a market leader in saw manufacturing today.

Products from BEHRINGER

BEHRINGER Saws focuses on producing quality products designed to last and serve the user loyally. The company manufactures a variety of cutting equipment designed for the industrial sector featuring the parallel down feed design of its innovative cutting system. Leading products include horizontal band saws, circular cold saws plate saws and structural formatting equipment. In addition, quality hacksaws are also produced as part of its manufacturing output. BEHRINGER Saws also prides itself on its after sales care and support, in this respect offering contractual maintenance schemes designed to ensure the continued efficient and cost effective running of its products. This service is fully supported by the manufacture and distribution of replacement parts designed to maintain and extend the life of the saw cutting equipment it sells.

The Company in Numbers

With a workforce consisting of around 400 employees, Behringer GmBH operates on both a national and international level. Based in Kirchardt, Germany, exporting products to over 70 countries is possible as a result of representations located all around the world, along with operational facilities and subsidiaries in France, USA, UK and China. This reflects Behringer’s position of ensuring that customer support is at the heart of their business, which has been a key element to their 95 years of success in the band saw manufacturing industry.

Used BEHRINGER Horizontal Band Saw
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