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  • Year of foundation: 1952
  • Founder: Julius Blum
  • Founder: Julius Blum
  • Product range: Drilling machines, assembly devices, boring machines, presses
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This global company was founded in 1952 by Julius BLUM on the basis of a single, very simply product: a horseshoe stud. The company then branched out into the production of metal hinges, for doors, windows and furniture. After developing hidden hinges, the company expanded into Europe, and launched its first drawer runners. Over the years that followed, BLUM pioneered innovative kitchen storage solutions, and eventually started to produce various assembly devices.

Machines from BLUM

BLUM is now a multinational company with an annual turnover will in excess of €1.5bn. The company is a major manufacturer and distributor of metal hinges, lift systems, box systems, kitchen storage solutions and assembly devices. More than 7,000 people now work BLUM across 28 subsidiaries and 10 production sites. Despite achieving global success, the company is still under the control of the Blum family.

BLUM drilling machines

BLUM Multi Purpose Drilling Machine

The Pro Center from BLUM is a multi-purpose tool that enables the precise assembly of various storage solutions. It can be used for both horizontal and vertical drilling, as well as for the insertion of cabinet, door and front assembly fittings. This highly capable machine offers a selection of possible configuration possibilities and tool-free head changing. The BLUM Pro Center is robust, sturdy and exceptionally reliable. Whether you are drilling, inserting hinges, boring or pressing, this is a machine that delivers accuracy and speed every time.

The BLUM Minipress Pro is a great option for people who need more versatility from their assembly device. This powerful machine is perfect for vertical drilling tasks, as well as for the insertion of fittings. There is also a tool-free setting and a pneumatic feed for maximum efficiency.

If you have drilling patterns you use regularly, the Minipress P is a great option. This robust device is designed for accurate drilling and the insertion of BLUM runners and hinges. This is a specialist machine that is ideal for repeating the same task several times. It also allows for tool-free drill changing.

The BLUM Minipress M is perfect for small workshops and DIY enthusiasts. Its compact design makes installation and transportation easy. Although the BLUM Minipress M is lightweight and highly mobile, it still executes accurate and efficient drilling and insertion tasks.

BLUM assembly devices

BLUM Assembly Device

BLUM assembly machines are designed for the quick and accurate assembly of drawers and pull-outs. Easy to set up and use, these precision-engineered devices simplify the process of assembly considerably.

The BLUM Boxpress is a device specifically designed for the manufacture of BLUM’s Tandembox line. A selection of features ensures set-up and use is easy and quick. The device also allows for the assembly of different box depths and widths.

The Boxfix Pro speeds up assembly for large production runs, but offers a level of convenience and ease of use that is also ideal for small jobs. The initial set-up times are quick, and the simple operation involved makes light work of complex jobs. Other assembly devices to look out for include the Boxfix P and the Boxfix E-L, both of which speed up assembly and ensure maximum accuracy.

BLUM used equipment

One of the most sought after products of this company is the BLUM Minipres, which is a popular assembly machine that has been developed specifically for the assembly of BLUM fittings. Expect to pay around the €200 mark for a machine in working condition. The BLUM Pro Center, however, is the most capable and flexible machine from this manufacturer, and finding a used model can prove very tricky. Finding any used BLUM minipress for sale is difficult, but you can improve your chances by regularly checking the used machinery marketplace.