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FLOTT M3 ST Pillar or Column Drilling Machine
FLOTT SB 23 Column Drill
Germany, 46342 Velen-Ramsdorf

FLOTT SB 23 Column Drill

Founded in 1854 in Remscheid, Germany, Arnz FLOTT GmbH is one of the most illustrious German metalworking machinery builders. The fact that the FLOTT brand is less well-known to the general public is due to their product range focussing on drilling, grinding and sawing technology, which is especially aimed at professional craftsmen and industrial customers. The FLOTT TB 10 Eco Plus bench drill, however, is popular amongst amateur craftsmen and domestic users thanks to its affordable price. During the 19th century, the company produced high-quality braces and breast drills, manufactured by the blacksmith Friedrich August Arnz in the hills of the Bergisches Land at the southern edge of the Ruhr district. Today, the FLOTT brand still stands for precision, quality and innovation in the field of tool machinery manufacture.

There are many reasons to use FLOTT tool machines for your metalworking needs, not least their long tradition, which makes acquiring their machinery a highly safe investment. The company conducts its own research and development, and around 5% of company turnover is earmarked for this purpose. It ensures FLOTT metalworking machines are continually improving in terms of performance and they have numerous patents, copyrights and awards under their belt.

FLOTT drilling technology

The range of drilling machines begins with their bench drilling machines and includes their column and pillar drilling machines, as well as drilling lines. Drill performance ranges from 0.5 to 50 mm. In general, FLOTT drilling machines are known for their contemporary ergonomic design, long lifespan, robust structure, operational safety, and advanced electronic controls, which come as standard depending on the model. Other innovative equipment that comes as standard in some series includes thread-cutting units, an electronic operator panel with display and menu controls, as well as LED illumination for the work surface.

The FLOTT range is divided according to design/purpose:

  • SB: FLOTT column drilling machine
  • TB: FLOTT table drilling machine with working table
  • TBZ: FLOTT abbreviation for bench drill press without working table but with rack
  • GB: FLOTT gear-driven drilling machine

The table below shows the available products from the FLOTT drilling technology range:

Plus-Serie E-Serie M-Serie P-Serie Gear-driven
drills Automatic
drills CNC machining
centres TB 10 Eco Plus SB E3 SB M3 ST SB P30 ST BFM 40 BA 10 BC-30 Elite TB 10 Plus SB E4 SB M3 ST MV SB P30 STG PV electronic GB 50 MV BA 16 BC-40 Super Turbo Drill SB E5 SB M3 ST-FB SB P35 ST R1 GB 50 MV plus BA 28 TB 13 Plus SB M4 ST SB P35 ST R2 GB 70 MV plus BA 35 TBZ 13 Plus SB M4 ST MV SB P35 STG PV electronic R1 SB 13 Plus SB M5 ST SB P35 STG PV electronic R2 TB 15 Plus SB M5 SV MV SB P40 ST R1 TBZ 15 Plus SB P40 ST R2 SB 15 Plus SB P40 STG PV electronic R1 BS 15 Plus SB P40 STG PV electronic R2 TB 18 Plus SB P40 ST-FB R1 TBZ 18 Plus SB P40 ST-FB R2 SB 18 Plus SB P40 STG-FB PV electronic R1 TB 23 Plus SB P40 STG-FB PV electronic R2 TBZ 23 Plus SB P50 STG MV SB 23 Plus

The range of models on offer differ in terms of the following characteristics:

  • Continuous variable drive (ST)
  • Mechanical movement, with electromagnetic coupling (MV)
  • Programmable, electronically controlled feed (PV electronic)
  • Tapping device, electronically controlled (G electronic)
  • Flow forming, chipless production of load-bearing threads in thin-walled workpieces (FB)

The electronic feed can be expanded using further modules:

  • Safety: Automatic spindle stop on upper mechanical stop of the drilling spindle
  • Chip cutter: Helps prevent long chips
  • Multi-feed unit: Four freely selectable feed speeds per cycle

Fig.: FLOTT TBZ 23 Plus

FLOTT Plus Series drilling machines
The FLOTT Plus Series primarily comprises bench-style drilling machines and was developed in 2012 as an entirely new line in drilling equipment. A particularly ergonomic operating design was developed, which was then transferred to the electronic drilling controls. The result is a range of FLOTT drilling machines, which feature an extraordinarily large RPM range and which are ideal for the new areas of application for bench drills. The first models in the Plus Series, the TB 10 Plus, TB 13 Plus and Turbo Drill are within the lower drill performance class. The range is complemented by a more basic model, the TB 10 Eco Plus, which is a particularly affordable bench drill without a thread-cutting function.

The 15 Plus, 18 Plus and 23 Plus models have filled the mid-level drill performance range since 2016. They can be supplied as FLOTT bench drills and column drilling machines and can also be incorporated into FLOTT production lines. The equipment that comes as standard includes seamless RPM controls, drill protection with electronic safeguards, an emergency off pushbutton, LED lighting and - for all models except the TB 10 Eco Plus - a spindle stop function and a thread-cutting unit featuring a digitally-controlled thread-cutting depth.


FLOTT E Series drilling machines
The E series of FLOTT drills features column drilling machines in the mid-level performance range without a thread-cutting unit. The three models in the FLOTT drill press series differ primarily in terms of drilling performance, which is between 20 and 30 rpm in continuous operation, and 25 and 35 rpm respectively in normal operation. The motor output and RPM ranges also differ: 250-4000 for the FLOTT SB E3 (the smallest machine in the series) and 80-1600 in the largest model (FLOTT SB E5).


FLOTT M Series drilling machines
Flott offers its M Series column drilling machines in a range of models featuring a continuous variable drive, mechanical feeding and flow drilling. The average performance level is somewhat higher than that of the E Series. The maximum drilling performance is between 25/30 rpm (FLOTT SB M3) and 35/40 rpm (FLOTT SB M5).


FLOTT P Series drilling machines
The P Series is the most extensive model range of FLOTT drilling machinery. It encompasses column drilling machines in the mid- to upper-level performance range and features countless additional equipment. It includes the features of the M series as well as a programmable, electronically-controlled feed mechanism and an electronically-controlled thread-cutting unit.

Fig.: FLOTT GB 50 MV

Gear-driven drilling machines by FLOTT
The upper segment of the product range is covered by the gear-driven drilling machines. They not only offer a higher level of performance compared to the P Series models; they also expand the range of milling applications available thanks to the FLOTT BFM 40.

FLOTT grinding technology

FLOTT machines within the grinding technology product range are divided into combined belt and wheel grinders, belt grinding machinery, deburring machinery and dust extraction. The grinding machines are available as SW and SD P, which differ in terms of the drive: alternating current motor or three-phase motor.

The table below shows the available products from the FLOTT grinding technology range:

Deburring machines Belt grinding machines Machine pedestals Combined belt and wheel grinders BEM 250 Plus BSM 75 MA 400 D TS 150 SD P BEM 250 Pro BSM 75 A TS 150 SW BSM 75 A pol MA 600 D TS 175 SD P BSM 150 TS 175 SW BSM 150 A TS 200 SD P BSM 150 A pol TS 250 SD P TBSM 75 TS 300 SD P TSB 250 P

An overview of FLOTT combination grinding machines

FLOTT’s double-grinding blocks are equipped with a coarse and fine grinding wheel for roughing and finishing operations and can be found in the TS series. Model FLOTT TSB 250 P is special in that the left grinding wheel also features a belt grinding unit. FLOTT combination machines are characterised by laterally-attached protective hoods, adjustable spark suppressor and solid, adjustable workpiece supports.

FLOTT belt grinding machines

FLOTT’s BSM Series belt grinding machinery come mounted to a pedestal as standard and can be pivoted. Optional extras include a water immersion vessel and, for three-phase versions; integrated dust extraction. For a more compact version with a half-length belt and without pedestal, the manufacturer offers the FLOTT TBSM 75 model. This model can also be equipped with a pedestal in the form of the MA 400 D. FLOTT BSM model versions (A) are fitted with integrated extraction and, in the case of A/pol devices, a two-speed belt. FLOTT provides an extended motor warranty (5 years) for these devices. Further interesting features of FLOTT BSM belt grinding machinery include tool-less belt changes, fully vulcanised and thus long-lasting, quiet-running grinding belts, which centre themselves on the spherical drive rollers; an adjustable metal arrester for the workpiece, as well as seamless height adjustment for optimal workplace ergonomics.

FLOTT deburring machinery

FLOTT supplies two types of deburring machine in its BEM series. Both are equipped with robust three-phase motors for industrial applications. The slender BEM 250 operates using a 250 mm diameter circular brush. The larger BEM 250 Pro operates using three circular brushes to machine pipes and profiles in one operation – inside and out.

FLOTT saws

Arnz Flott GmbH’s sawing division manufactures stationary and portable metal belt saws as well as metal circular saws. FLOTT names their models using the following abbreviations (based on the original German):

  • MA: manual lowering using handle
  • A: lowering by hydraulic cylinder
  • HA: semi-automatic
  • ANC: automatic NC controlled
  • SANC: column-guided machine NC controlled

The table below shows the available products from the FLOTT grinding technology range:

Metal belt saws Metal circular saws Portal metal belt saws HBS 225 A KS 315 M PBS 105 HBS 225 MA PBS 120 ST HBS 250 A PBS 150 ST HBS 250 HA HBS 350 ANC HBS 350 HA HBS 350 SANC HBS 450 HA HBS 450 SANC

FLOTT belt saws

Stationary FLOTT band saws from the HBS Series feature adjustable, precise and robust saw band guides made from hardened metal. They are also capable of mitre cutting to 60° and have a range of continuously variable cutting speeds. There are also user-friendly aspects, such as the synchronously driven chip brush, easily removable chip containers, and laser cut-line marking. The biggest advantages of portable FLOTT PBS Series band saws are their dry-cutting capabilities, which means it is no longer necessary to use tricky coolant lubricants. The manual belt-tensioning device with slip coupling ensures correct pre-tensioning of the saw blade and simple operation. The portable band saws of the PBS Series also come with integrated pre-tensioning equipment and mitre cut units.

FLOTT circular saws

FLOTT’s KS Series features metal circular saws for saw blades featuring a 325 mm diameter. Its pivoting machine head means the FLOTT KS 315 M universal circular saw is capable of mitre cuts up to 45° – left and right. A coolant lubrication tank with a 5-litre capacity and long-lasting, mechanical pump also come included. The pole-changing three-phase motor allows two-speed operation. As standard, these metal circular saws come with a quick-release vice, which enables two workpieces to be tensioned by means of a counter-tensioning device.