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  1. AGIE company profile
  2. Machines from HITACHI SEIKI
    1. Vertical turning centres
    2. Horizontal machining centres
    3. High performance turning and machining centres
    4. Vertical machining centres
    5. Spare parts
    6. Laser texturing machines
  3. Used machinery from HITACHI SEIKI
  • Company headquarters: Krefeld, Germany
  • Products: vertical turning centres, horizontal machining centres, high performance turning and machining centres, vertical machining centres
  • Website:

HITACHI SEIKI company profile

HITACHI SEIKI has been manufacturing machining equipment and spare parts for more than two decades. The company’s huge knowledge base and commitment to quality has won it a loyal following over the years — making it one of the most respected brands in the world of metalworking. HITACHI SEIKI manufactures machines, parts, replacement components and tools for major manufacturers all over the globe. Among the parts currently in production at the company’s facility include bearings, driven tools, ATC arms, spindles etc.

Machines from HITACHI SEIKI

HITACHI SEIKI specialises in vertical turning centres, high performance turning centres, horizontal machining centres and vertical machining centres. The company is trusted by so many manufacturers because it maintains a database of spare parts for all of its makes and models. Many of these parts are kept in inventory, which means large-scale manufacturers can access them quickly — minimising downtime and keeping costs low. HITACHI SEIKI also offers a repair and rebuild service that covers the vast majority of its industrial machinery. Based in Germany, the company has a very loyal customer base in Europe.

Vertical turning centres

HITACHI SEIKI vertical turning centres offer a range of functions that cut both production times and costs. Machine loading and unloading is a breeze, thanks to movement across the Z and X axes. Machine setup is supported by graphic display, and a parts pusher on the tool turret minimises operator involvement. The HITACHI SEIKI CS 20, for instance, features CNC control, a maintenance-free main spindle with built-in motor, a hydraulic clamping device and automatic chuck operation. The other model in the series is the HITACHI SEIKI CS 25, which offers a very similar set of functions but has a larger chuck diameter.

Horizontal machining centres

HITACHI SEIKI horizontal machining centres are built to withstand robust and prolonged use while delivering exceptional levels of accuracy. Operated by CNC control, this series of machines includes malfunction diagnosis to cut downtime to a minimum. A hydraulic unit delivers efficiency, while an extensive tool magazine has space for up to 61 tools. Other features of HITACHI SEIKI’s horizontal machining centres include quick programming options, a coolant device, a pallet changer and integrated flushing chutes for the disposal of chips. The HITACHI SEIKI HS 400, for example, has a range of optional features and accessories, including a spiral chip conveyor belt, tool length measuring, a cutting monitor and advanced monitoring systems. The HITACHI SEIKI HS 800 is almost identical to the HS 400, but it has a pallet that is double in size.

High performance turning and machining centres

The high performance turning and machining centres from HITACHI SEIKI are capable of huge output and efficiency levels, which is why they are used in some of the biggest manufacturing operations in the world. The HITACHI SEIKI Super HiCell 400, for instance, features CNC control with colour display, direct tapping, a 37 kW spindle motor, an automatically moving tailstock, a tool turret with drive system and high precision guideways for the Z, Y and X axes. There are also several optional accessories available for this powerful lathe, including a hydraulic chuck, a hinge-type chip conveyor and quick-setting tool probing.

Vertical machining centres

HITACHI SEIKI vertical machining centres are built for efficiency, speed and mass production, which is why they’re so widely used in manufacturing operations around the world. The latest machine in the series is the HITACHI SEIKI VS 40, which has a huge table size of 900 x 450 and a tool magazine capacity of 20. This powerful piece of kit has CNC control and a 9.5” monochrome display. It features Seiki Technology Assistance Function (STAF), which includes instructions for maintenance and malfunction diagnosis. There is an integrated spindle motor, a coolant device, a headstock chiller unit and high precision linear guiding elements. Some of the optional accessories available for the VS 40 are a set-up package, tool probing, internal coolant supply and spiral-type chip conveyors.

Spare parts

HITACHI SEIKI takes great pride in offering a wide selection of spare parts of quick maintenance and repair. Many of these items are available off the shelf, which means the delays to your production line can be kept to a minimum. Among the range of spares available on the HITACHI SEIKI website are hydraulic and mechanical parts, membranes, CNC parts and driven tools.

Used machinery from HITACHI SEIKI

HITACHI SEIKI are well known for creating strong and robust lathes and machining centres that stand the test of time. On the rare occasions that these machines do fail, the abundance of spare parts and the support from the company mean downtime is minimised. As a result, finding a used HITACHI SEIKI CNC lathe can be very tricky. If you do manage to locate a used horizontal machining centre, you should expect to pay anything between 4,000EUR and 7,000EUR. Discontinued CNC turning lathes from HITACHI SEIKI can be picked up for around 3,000EUR to 4,000EUR. To give yourself the best chance of finding competitively priced machinery from this respected manufacturer, keep a close eye on online used machinery marketplaces.

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