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HÖFLER Tastarm - Innenverzahnung measuring equipment

Based in Southwest Germany, the heartland of German engineering, HÖFLER (part of the KLINGELNBERG group since 2012) is globally renowned for innovation, quality, and efficiency in the field of gear grinding.

Since 1959, HÖFLER has continuously developed pioneering gear grinding and gear hobbing machines, which the company supplies to a wide variety of customers all over the world.

Originally established by Willy Höfler, the company concentrated solely on gear testing technology in its early years. By 1966 HÖFLER had introduced their first gear grinding machine, which in time became the main focus of the company. In subsequent years HÖFLER expanded into all aspects of the market, eventually offering a large selection of highly adaptable machines, suitable for almost any gear size or application. In 2003, HÖFLER spread their expertise to gear hobbing machines, which has become another successful aspect of the company's business. In 2012, HÖFLER's core business was acquired by the industry giant KLINGELNBERG, which is a world leading mechanical engineering company. KLINGELNBERG's substantial resources have helped HÖFLER to reach a larger audience, and streamline the production of their machines with significant investment in research and development.

HÖFLER draws on its extensive history to produce some of the most advanced cylindrical grinding machines available on the market today. In addition to these celebrated gear grinding machines, HÖFLER has been successfully producing highly accurate gear hobbing machines since 2003. Gear hobbing machines are considered to the workhorses of the mechanical engineering world, so it is essential that they are robustly constructed, while maintaining the highest levels of precision. HÖFLER has met this challenge by combining the power of their unique torque motors with advanced software intelligence, and outstanding design competence. HÖFLER is also known for its high precision gear grinding machines, which can accommodate the full range of gear production and improve quality of the finished product, while at the same time simplifying the overall process. Today after sales services are considered to be an integral part of the industrial goods sector, which is why the company is proud to provide outstanding customer support from their staff.

The KLINGELNBERG group (of which HÖFLER is a major component) employs approximately 1,300 employees, with 220 research and development engineers and more than 100 grants of patents.