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Used Electric Forklifts, Pallet jacks 6 Items
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 1,600 x 650 x 1,300 mm
Year of manufacture 1991
Weight approx. 625 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Malsch, loaded on truck
Malsch Germany, 76316 Malsch
28/06/2021 14:09
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370 €
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JUNGHEINRICH EFG 216k Electric Forklift
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 3,200 x 1,200 x 2,100 mm
Year of manufacture 2012
Weight approx. 3,500 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Szigetszentmiklós, loaded on truck
Szigetszentmiklós Hungary, 2310 Szigetszentmiklós
11/05/2021 11:40
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5,000 €
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JUNGHEINRICH EJC 14 Electric Forklift
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JUNGHEINRICH EJC 14 Electric Forklift Electric Forklifts
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 2,030 x 800 x 2,300 mm
Year of manufacture 2000
Weight approx. 1,190 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Carei, loaded on truck
Carei Romania, 445100 Carei
11/05/2021 10:40
0 Bids
3,500 €
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JUNGHEINRICH ETV 216 Electric Forklift Electric Forklifts
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 1,650 x 1,300 x 3,500 mm
Year of manufacture 2005
Weight approx. 3,500 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Altenberge, loaded on truck
Altenberge Germany, 48341 Altenberge
12/05/2021 11:28
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2,500 €
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 1,800 x 1,000 x 2,400 mm
Year of manufacture 2000
Weight approx. 1,500 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Buchen-Hettigenbeuern, loaded on truck
Buchen-Hettigenbeuern Germany, 74722 Buchen-Hettigenbeuern
17/05/2021 11:04
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200 €
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 1,600 x 550 x 1,250 mm
Weight approx. 100 kg
Item available from immedaitly
Delivery terms FCA Immenstadt im Allgäu, loaded on truck
Immenstadt im Allgäu Germany, 87509 Immenstadt im Allgäu
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50 €


  1. JUNGHEINRICH AG - Innovative market leader in Industry 4.0
  2. JUNGHEINRICH handling equipment
    1. JUNGHEINRICH forklifts
      1. JUNGHEINRICH electric forklift trucks
      2. JUNGHEINRICH diesel- and gas-powered forklifts
    2. JUNGHEINRICH reach trucks
    3. JUNGHEINRICH low-level order pickers
    4. JUNGHEINRICH tow tractors
    5. JUNGHEINRICH tri-lateral stackers
    6. JUNGHEINRICH pallet trucks
  3. Racking and warehouse equipment
  4. Buying used JUNGHEINRICH forklifts and trucks
  • Founding year: 1953
  • Founder: F. Jungheinrich
  • Location: Hamburg
  • Products: handling equipment & storage technology
  • Website:

JUNGHEINRICH AG - Innovative market leader in Industry 4.0

JUNGHEINRICH was launched in the late 19th century as a trading company for imports and exports. This company was soon expanded to incorporate the construction of machinery, thereby generating synergy effects: warehouse handling technology soon became their core business and this division is what has made this company the success it is today.
JUNGHEINRICH has become a mainstay in the field of handling equipment and storage technology. Wherever highly efficient intralogistics solutions are called for, JUNGHEINRICH products feature heavily in business plans. Outstanding service, excellent product quality and a wide selection of solutions are the main strengths of the company. Today, JUNGHEINRICH is a global player whose products can be found in all industrial nations and emerging economies through their subsidiaries and production sites.

JUNGHEINRICH handling equipment

It would be wrong to claim that JUNGHEINRICH produces ‘forklifts’. Firstly, forklifts are only a small part of JUNGHEINRICH’s product range. Secondly, there are segments in this market to which JUNGHEINRICH does not cater. For instance, the company has decided not to offer products in the heavy-duty, rough terrain forklift segment in order to focus their efforts elsewhere, However, JUNGHEINRICH does produce diesel forklifts which can be operated outdoors or in well-ventilated warehouses/factories, but these are not suitable for unpaved surfaces. The majority of JUNGHEINRICH handling equipment/forklifts are designed for use inside warehouses/production halls and there is a wide range on offer.


With almost 50 different types of small- and mid-sized forklifts, the range on offer from JUNGHEINRICH is comprehensive:

EFG stays for electric drive DFG for Diesel powered TFG for gas powered

JUNGHEINRICH diesel forklift models are also available with a gas-powered drive. By contrast, model TFG 540-550 is only on offer with a gas-powered drive.

JUNGHEINRICH electric forklift trucks

JUNGHEINRICH offers five different series of electric forklifts, which are numbered 1 to 5. The 100 and 200 series are three-wheeled counterbalance trucks. The steering wheel is mounted centrally at the rear and means these compact electric forklifts have very small turning circles. The smallest JUNGHEINRICH electric forklift is the EFT 110. It is capable of lifting a tonne to a height of 2.3 meters and is 2.77 metres long, which makes it ideal for confined spaces. The largest three-wheeled forklift is the EFG 220. It can lift two tonnes to a height of 6.50 metres and is 3.45 metres long.

All series of electric forklifts from JUNGHEINRICH above the 300-series come with a four-wheel chassis. They have a larger turning circle and are thus less suitable for narrow spaces. But, as a result, they are more comfortable, safer and, from the 400 series and above; considerably more powerful. The devices in the 300-series act as a bridge to more sophisticated equipment and their performance data overlaps with that of the 200 series. The top model amongst the four-wheeled version is the EFG S50. It has a 5-tonne lifting force and can raise its fork up to 7.5 metres in height. At just 3.8 metres in length, this narrow yet stable forklift is astonishingly compact and manoeuvrable.

JUNGHEINRICH DFG 425 Diesel forklift

JUNGHEINRICH diesel- and gas-powered forklifts

Their diesel forklifts and LPG forklifts start with a very compact model – the DFG/TFG 316, which features a lifting force of 1.6 tonnes and its fork raises to 2.9 metres in height. This makes it a highly efficient alternative to comparably large electric forklifts, which are otherwise unsuitable due to limitations on how long they can operate. Some require charging over a number of hours, which can be far from ideal in some situations. In the gas-powered variant, JUNGHEINRICH forklifts can also be operated in enclosed buildings. The top model within JUNGHEINRICH’s combustion forklift range is the DFG S50s. Like its electric counterpart, the S50s can lift 5 tonnes up to 7.5 metres in the air.

JUNGHEINRICH reach trucks

JUNGHEINRICH ETV C16-C20 Reach truck

JUNGHEINRICH reach trucks are especially compact and manoeuvrable handling machines. They were designed for narrow, high-bay warehouses and are a standard tool for shipping companies. Reach trucks generally have a three-wheel chassis and are powered electrically. A special feature of reach trucks is the design of the lifting gear: the front undercarriage is especially flat and widely proportioned. The lift mast can raise a pallet so far that it is entirely above the vehicle’s centre of gravity. This makes driving and moving items very safe, even with a relatively compact reach truck. The smallest model, the JUNGHEINRICH ETV 110 can lift a tonne up to heights of 4.55 metres. The most powerful reach truck is the ETV C20, which can lift two tonnes up to heights of 7.4 metres. The operating efficiency of JUNGHEINRICH reach trucks is increased considerably by an innovative system which recovers energy that would otherwise have been lost through braking. JUNGHEINRICH produces five series of reach trucks with a total of twelve models from which to choose.

JUNGHEINRICH low-level order pickers

JUNGHEINRICH EKM 202 Order picker

These devices are used to move pallets. They carry the pallet behind them and have a more limited scope of movement compared to heavier-duty forklifts. They are exclusively used for gathering items for deliveries, i.e. ‘order picking’. Manoeuvrability, speed and low-vibration transportation: these are the core requirements when order picking using a piece of handling machinery. JUNGHEINRICH low-level order pickers are available in a total of eleven individual devices from series ECE, ECD, EKM and EKS. The top models are fitted with a lift mast, which can pick goods from shelving up to 10.5 high. The ECE 320 model is of particular interest: featuring an especially robust scissor lift, it has been designed to pick materials required for production operations.

JUNGHEINRICH tow tractors

Fork-lift trucks are generally equipped with a trailer coupling point; however, towing trailers is not the task for which they were originally intended. Depending on the size of the operation, it may be wise to opt for a tow tractor instead of a basic forklift. JUNGHEINRICH produces a range of tow tractors under its EZS and EZW series. Simple hand-operated devices for manually moving trailers are the smallest products on offer. The top models are fully equipped, outdoor vehicles capable of bearing loads up to 25 tonnes.

JUNGHEINRICH tri-lateral stackers

The most interesting aspect of JUNGHEINRICH’s tri-lateral stackers is that the lifting device is mounted at 90°. Additional lift mast mechanics make it particularly easy for drivers to pick goods from high shelving. The risks normally encountered when placing items onto shelving are thus avoided and pallets can be moved around precisely. This means the devices are highly space-efficient: as long as the aisle is wide enough, the machine can be used to pick and place goods.

JUNGHEINRICH offers the following series: EFX, ETX and EKX, which feature a total of eight models. The JUNGHEINRICH ETX 410/513/515s are the most interesting models: generous battery capacity and energy recovery means the devices can be operated over two shifts without needing to be charged.

JUNGHEINRICH pallet trucks

Pallet trucks are entry-level machines for efficient warehouse management and logistics. JUNGHEINRICH offers a wide selection of manual and electric pallet trucks. Specialist high-level pallet trucks can also make it possible to manually fill shelves. JUNGHEINRICH also offers special solutions for the most demanding of environments, which means the company has just the right pallet truck for any situation, be it a paint store, hospital or for food storage.

Hand pallet trucks Electric pedestrian trucks Electric stacker trucks

There are ten economical hand pallet trucks in JUNGHEINRICH’s AM, AMW, AMX and HC ranges, encompassing basic pallet trucks, through to scissor lift trucks and pallet stackers, each ideally suited to its particular field of application./p>

Pedestrian trucks are especially suited to situations where goods need to be quickly loaded and unloaded.
JUNGHEINRICH once again has a wide range on offer for this product area. With a total of eleven JUNGHEINRICH pedestrian trucks, there is an ideal solution for every requirement. JUNGHEINRICH markets its pedestrian trucks under the names EJE, ERE and ESE.

The third group of pallet trucks produced by JUNGHEINRICH are electric stacker trucks. A selection of twenty-two machines (hydraulic or electric) means there is an ideal product for any requirement, such as short trips using simple pedestrian mode or for long distances. Searching for series EJC, EMC, ERC, ESC, EMD EJD, ERD and EJG will be all that is needed to find the right piece of equipment to help with logistics.

JUNGHEINRICH AM 22 Hand pallet truck JUNGHEINRICH EJE C20 Electric pedestrian pallet truck JUNGHEINRICH EJC 112 Z Electric forklift

Racking and warehouse equipment

In addition to handling equipment, JUNGHEINRICH also produces a wide range of warehouse and shelving equipment. The company has solutions for large-scale operations, such as freight forwarders or mail-order companies. The simplest racking is static pallet storage, which is highly durable and can be built to great heights. Dynamic pallet storage is especially space-saving. It allows individual pallet racks to be moved, thus granting access to goods through the gap created in the racking. It is ideally suited to smaller buildings and can also offer clients increased protection against theft.

JUNGHEINRICH Mobile racking system

JUNGHEINRICH also offers extendible and expandable cantilever racking, which can be adapted to accommodate changes in product ranges. Solutions for small parts storage and an extensive portfolio of warehouse equipment complete JUNGHEINRICH’s warehouse technology division.

Buying used JUNGHEINRICH forklifts and trucks

JUNGHEINRICH is one of the main pioneers in the development and manufacture of forklifts and other handling equipment. The selection of second-hand JUNGHEINRICH electric forklifts is correspondingly large.

The company also offers comprehensive services, even for older machines, which means replacement parts for JUNGHEINRICH electric forklifts will be able to be sourced for some time to come. Used JUNGHEINRICH electric forklifts can be acquired for as little as 3000 Euros in good condition. The battery technology has been kept as simple as possible and JUNGHEINRICH always uses long-lasting lead-based batteries. The weakest points in used JUNGHEINRICH forklifts are the running gear and the hydraulics. However, as they are easy to repair, used JUNGHEINRICH electric forklifts can be maintained by any trained mechanic.

Even second-hand JUNGHEINRICH gas- or diesel-powered forklifts can be purchased without much concern – as long as there is no major damage to the motor, used diesel forklifts can be put back into operation very easily. Used gas-powered JUNGHEINRICH forklifts, however, require professional inspection of the compressed-gas system. Fortunately, this is not very challenging technically, which means that a trained mechanic can soon get the forklift back into order. The hydraulic hoses, on the other hand, in used JUNGHEINRICH forklifts may exhibit leaks, but the hoses are simple to change. Maintenance should not be performed on damaged hoses; they should simply be replaced because the operability of the forklift will be impaired and leaking fluids can pose a major risk of slipping.

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