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MARTIN KM 200 Center lathe
Germany, 46342 Velen-Ramsdorf
MARTIN KM 200 Center lathe
MARTIN T71 Sliding Table Saw
Netherlands, 7468 DC Enter
MARTIN T71 Sliding Table Saw
MARTIN T70 Sliding Table Saw
Netherlands, 7468 DC Enter
MARTIN T70 Sliding Table Saw
MARTIN Speed 20/10 Roller Application Machine (not rotatable)

The market for woodworking machinery is more dynamic than it might first appear. In addition to the major brands, such as HOLZ-HER and ALTENDORF, there are many other manufacturers producing outstanding machines but which are less well-known. Otto MARTIN Maschinenbau is one of those companies and it is steadily making a name for itself on the high-quality woodworking machinery market.

The MARTIN company has been producing durable, top-quality woodworking machines for over 90 years. Powerful solutions guaranteeing optimal usability, sturdy designs, and precise processing are the main strengths of the firm. They place strict quality requirements on their products and manufacture many of the components used themselves.

Their woodworking machinery can be divided into the areas of wood saws, planers, milling machines and drilling machines. Their product range is often adapted in line with the market situation, such as with the addition of four-sided planers, tenoning machines, panel-dividing equipment, and edge-grinding machines. Currently, their main range features multiple boring machines, dowel-drilling machines, planers, and combination surfacing/thicknessing machines.

MARTIN-brand saws include sliding table saws, circular saws as well as panel saws. The current MARTIN saw range, however, only includes sliding table saws. Their popular T17 saw, for instance, is now only available second-hand.

MARTIN sliding table saws

MARTIN sliding table saws are available from three categories: Basic Line, Compact and Premium.

Series Basic Line Kompakt Premium TC660 T60A T70 T60C T75PreX T65

Consisting solely of the TC660 model, the Basic Line is an especially affordable way of making a first step into the world of sliding table saws. It is primarily used by training sites, small-scale manufacturers and amateur carpenters. This entry-level machine can be relied on to precisely cut a whole range of wooden materials. A comprehensive selection of equipment comes as standard to ensure a high level of efficiency and ease-of-use. Although a digital display is present, buyers of this machine must do without fully-electronic controls and adjust scaling and other settings manually. This model is thus unsuitable for high cycle rates but is sufficient for workshops with lower production demands.

The compact range of MARTIN sliding table saws consists of models T60, T60C and T65. In contrast to the TC660, these machines come equipped with top-class, digital control systems and also offer some additional features making them superior to the T660 in many regards. As for MARTIN’s T60 and T60C saws, they are basically the same model and only differ in terms of the optional accessories available. For instance, the T60 Classic can be equipped with a 3-axis scoring saw unit and a sturdy cross-cut table, which are not available on the basic T60 model. The compact class is primarily aimed at large-scale operations or smaller manufacturers of serially-produced wooden products.

The T70 marks the beginning of MARTIN’s premium saw range. Robust mechanics, excellent ease-of-use and well-designed touchscreen controls make it simple and quick to produce a range of products. Even with just basic equipment, this machine features three controllable axes for cutting height, cutting angle and cutting depth. A motorised mitre cut system and cross-cut table can also be equipped by adding a fourth and fifth axis. A patented 3-axis scorer is also included, which can be set using the controls provided. In total, the T70 can operated across eight interconnected axes, which reduces set-up and changeover times considerably.

The cutting of seams, grooves and slot/pin connections is directly supported by powerful assistants in the control system. Making corrections during ongoing production is quick and easy using the touchscreen, which clearly displays the minimum and maximum limits values on-screen for the operator. It features a tool menu where more than 100 different saw blades can be stored thus bypassing the need for trial cuts entirely. The machine design is very high-quality and vibrations are even better prevented by the combination of steel and concrete than by cast-metal frameworks. Featuring length and parallel stops plus a cross-cut table, this model is unique amongst MARTIN machines.

The T75 sliding table saw goes a step further and incorporates five controllable axes and a saw blade capable of pivoting up to 45°. The T75 PREX version enables the execution of any mitre cut on the cross-cut and rip fence thanks to a combination of a 299mm+ cutting height and a swivelling range of 2x 46°

MARTIN sliding table saws on the second-hand market
MARTIN first started production of sliding table saws in the mid-1980s. As a result, used MARTIN sliding table saws will be no older than 30 years. These machines have been heavy-duty, top-quality instruments since the very beginning and have been able to withstand very tough conditions without suffering any major damage. It is very rare for a used MARTIN sliding table saw to be irreparable – the provision of services, documentation and replacement parts still continues today. Prices for used MARTIN saws start relatively affordable, which means they are still of interest to private individuals.

The MARTIN woodworking range also includes various thicknessing planers and surface planers.

Series Basic Line Premium T45 Dickenhobelmaschine TP300 Kombinierte Hobelmaschine T54 Abrichthobelmaschine

Precise, easy-to-use and clean – these three words perfectly summarise the qualities of a MARTIN planing machine. MARTIN produces three series of planers: a general planer, two thicknessing planers and a combination surfacing/thicknessing planer.

MARTIN’s basic planer is designed to be operated manually, which makes it ideal for carpentry and joinery workshops, as well as small-scale manufacturers. The machines are designed to be compatible with other MARTIN devices thus enabling entire production lines to be created using MARTIN products.

MARTIN’s planers are of such high quality that the prices they command on the used machinery marketplace are still considerable. The manufacturer assures that spare parts will remain available for a long time to come.

MARTIN surface planers

A surface planer, such as MARTIN’s T54, is used for precisely dressing workpieces and adding angular edges quickly and safely. MARTIN surface planers enjoy a great deal of popularity in industrial operations and workshops thanks to their outstanding build quality. Short production times, low maintenance and consistently top results make MARTIN surface planers true money-makers in manufacturing and serial production. They are technically simple and feature a robust design, which ensures even older machines bearing the MARTIN brand highly attractive investments.

The company has four different types of surface planer in their range.


The T45 thicknessing planer is an easy-to-use, compact device that is fitted with a range of modern functions to ensure quick, precise production. For instance, the T45 features in-built memory for up to 99 configurable dimensions. This planer is designed with the utmost in active and passive safety in mind – operating errors are almost unheard of. The MARTIN T45 also operates exceedingly quietly.

T45 Contour

The MARTIN T45 Contour is the next step up. It enables profiles to be milled into long, solid wood in addition to smoothing and millimetre-precise planing. MARTIN offers the T45 Contour in two different models. The MARTIN T45 Contour-15 is designed for profiles up to 15.5 millimetres wide. The basic T45 contour can work on profiles with a diameter of up to 25 millimetres.


The T54, by contrast, is a surface planer. It can be combined with the T45 models to work perfectly in tandem. The T45 is thus an affordable way of expanding a fleet of machinery and can itself expand as production demands grow.


MARTIN’s TP300 is a combination of surfacing and thicknessing in one device. This highly compact solution lacks nothing in terms of efficiency and performance compared to its T45 and T54 cousins.

The current milling machine range includes three machines – a spindle moulder and two tilting moulders.

Series Basic Line Kompakt Premium TS200 tilting moulder T12 spindle moulder T27 spindle moulder

MARTIN Tischfräsen

The T12 spindle moulder, the T27 FIX spindle moulder, the T27 FleX tilting moulder, and the TS200 tilting moulder are available. The first two are rigid and only feature three controllable axes, whereas the T27 FIX can be expanded to include five controllable axes. The TS200 tilting arbor spindle moulder is operated conventionally and enables a pivot range of 2 x 45°, while the T27 FleX moulder can be fitted with six axes and is the company’s flagship model of moulder featuring a pivot range of 2 x 45°.

An important aspect in all moulders is absorbing vibrations created during the milling process in the machine’s framework and not letting it affect workpiece processing. Machines incapable of properly absorbing vibrations produce far inferior results. Despite its compact dimensions, the MARTIN T12 still weighs a mighty 950 kilogrammes, which is due entirely to the top-quality materials used in its construction. The T27 Fix and T27 FleX are based on the same design and both weigh up to 1.6 tonnes. Weighing in at just 590 kilogrammes is the TS200, intended for light-duty tasks.

The Power-PC operated TFT display panels on MARTIN moulders feature touchscreen controls, ideal eye-level height, and can even be pivoted for better readability. Two sizes are available, 5.7” or 10.4”, capable of colour depths between 8- and 16 bit.

MARTIN drilling machines
The company’s boring machine division is home to the perfect technological solution for production: the TM100 slot mortising machine.

MARTIN Quality Finishing
MARTIN’s woodworking range features the ideal device for finishing workpieces and creating impossibly smooth surfaces: the Q-FIN machine.

The wide selection found in current MARTIN woodworking products is reflected in the devices that make their way onto the second-hand market. Their high-quality, robustly-designed machines are known for their amazing longevity. As such, even machines with very old built dates can be found in a used condition, which are still perfectly suited to the applications for which they were designed all those years ago.

Unfortunately, MARTIN is not ideal when it comes to after-sales service. Many of the manufacturer’s services are only available to verified, registered merchants, which means buying a MARTIN planer or MARTIN saw can leave you with few contact options. Nevertheless, there is a special team on hand for technical queries.

You will frequently find used MARTIN machines for sale in our countless industrial auctions. We recommend regularly taking a look to see whether we have the ideal used MARTIN table saw for your needs at an affordable price.