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Germany, 86732 Oettingen


MAZAK VTC-300 C II CNC Vertical Machining Centre
Germany, 73529 Schwäbisch Gmünd

MAZAK VTC-300 C II CNC Vertical Machining Centre

MAZAK Apex 50 CNC Press Brake
Belgium, 8750 Wingene

MAZAK Apex 50 CNC Press Brake

MAZAK VTC-200B Vertical Machining Centre

Yamazaki MAZAK is a Japanese machinery builder specialising in metalworking. The company has been in operation for almost 100 years and is known for its interesting and innovative products. The company employs more than 7000 employees and has commercial outposts and manufacturing locations around the entire world. For the German side of its business, MAZAK operates technology centres in Munich, Göppingen, Leipzig and Düsseldorf. MAZAK has been sponsoring the successful McLaren Honda Formula 1 team since 1999.

MAZAK’s latest developments are aimed at multi-functional metalworking machines. For example, the company supplies two series of machines which combine three tasks into one procedure including clamping process, which hitherto would have been performed by separate devices. In addition to these highly innovative approaches, MAZAK also closely follows developments in laser technology. In total, MAZAK supplies seven types of metalworking machinery, each of which is home to a range of devices capable of performing any required application.

MAZAK lathes

MAZAK supplies sixteen series of CNC lathes. This line of MAZAK devices includes conventional solutions for horizontal and vertical small-parts manufacture, as well as a few outstanding devices.

Series Cybertech Turn Dual Turn HQR IVS Mega Turn 4500M 20 150MSY 200 1600 4500MT 200MS 200M 1600M 5500 200MSY 300 500 5500M 200MY 300M 500M 5500MT 250MS 400 II 500MS 5500T 250MSY 500S 250MY 600 600M 600MS 600S 900 900M 900MS 900S Series Megaturn Smart Multiplex II Multiplex W QT-Compact Quick Turn 600 4200-II 200 200M 200MB 600M 4300-II 200Y 200MS 200MS 600MS 6200-II 200MSY 200MSY 600S 6200-II Y 200MY 200MY 6300.II 300M 250MB 6300-II Y 300MS 250MS 300MSY 250MSY 300MY 250MY 300MB 300MS 300MSY 300MY 350 350MB Series Quick Turn Nexus Quick Turn Primos Quick Turn Smart Slant Turn Nexus Super Quadrex 200-II MSY 100 S 100 S 500 200 250-II MS 150 S 100M S 500M 200M 250-II MY 50 S 150 S 550 250 350-II MSY 200 550M 250M 350-II MY 200M 600 250 600M 250M 800 300 300M 350 350M

The QUICK TURN PRIMOS Series features a compact, high-performance CNC turning centre. It comes fitted with an integral spindle motor enabling the machine to attain high productivity while taking up minimal floor space.

QT COMPACT MAZAK also features integrated spindle technology for the main spindle and workpiece guidance. Despite the favourable price-performance ratio, the latest generation of COMPACT devices provide enhanced power and low-tolerance precision.

The QUICK TURN Series is home to a selection of high-performance turning centres, such as the MAZAK QUICK TURN 15, QUICK TURN 20 and QUICK TURN 35. MAZAK CNC lathes from the QUICK TURN line make it possible to manufacture complex parts with reduced set-up times to enhance efficiency and productivity. They are equipped with the latest in turret technology with either a BMT or VDI tool interface and can achieve spindle RPMs of up to 10,000 per minute.

The new MULTIPLEX W Series is suited to applications with a high production volume. This CNC turning centre features enhanced chip management and inclined bed guidance. It is also capable of dual-spindle/dual-turret machine configurations for increased productivity in mid-sized batches. Machines within this range include the MAZAK Multiplex 420, Multiplex 610, Multiplex 625 and Multiplex 630.

2 turrets and 2 machine spindles ensure optimised cycle rates by facilitating simultaneous turning or milling using the upper and lower turrets. Y-axes for off-centre machining on the two turret heads provides additional flexibility for more complex components.

MAZAK machining centres

MAZAK supplies a wide range of vertical and horizontal milling/machining centres. The manufacturer produces a total of 16 series, which means there is a suitable MAZAK 5-axis CNC machining centre for every application.

Vertical CNC machining centres by MAZAK:

The vertical machining centres manufactured by MAZAK range from affordable 3-axis machines to highly complex CNC mills with 5 axes. MAZAK’s machinery is used in international space travel, which means top results can be achieved no matter what the application is. Productivity, however, is not relocated to second place: MAZAK places a great deal of emphasis on achieving the highest possible process speed and operability thanks to well-designed, automatic tool-switching systems and modern fixing options to keep set-up times to a minimum. The latest development in vertical CNC milling centres is the VTC Series. The top model is the VTC 820/0 which features a travel distance of 830 millimetres in the x-direction thereby enabling larger components to be machined quickly and with the highest level of precision. An optional spindle capable of 18,000 RPM is also available for the VTC Series. MAZAK produces a total of eight series of vertical machining/milling centres. These series feature a total of 42 types, including the popular MAZAK VTC 20, VTC 41 and VTC 300.

Series FJV MTV Super Velocity Center VCN 5 Face-100/120 II 515/40 2000L/120-II 430A 5 Face-35/120 II 655/60 2000L/200-II 530C 5 Face-35/60 II 655/80 535C 5 Face-35/80 II 815/120 5 Face-60/120 II 815/80 5 Face-60/160 II 5 Face-60/80 II 100/120 II 200 II 250 35/60 II 35/80 II 60/120 II 60/160 II 60/80 II Series Vertical Center
Nexus Vertical Center Primos Vertical Center Smart VTC 430A II HS 400 S 430A 530C 430B II HS 530C 760C 530C-II DM 800/20HD 530-II HS 8000/20SDR 535C-II 800/30HD 700D-II 800/30SLR 820/20 820/30

Horizontal CNC machining centres by MAZAK

Horizontal CNC milling centres are highly rigid thanks to their design. MAZAK provides eight series featuring a wide selection of 26 models. The devices from the μ-10800 Series are the main highlights. They facilitate maximum production speed and precision. MAZAK designed these machines to include heat displacement countermeasures, which help achieve the desired tolerances. The μ-10800 Series is also capable of machining workpieces up to 2 metres in length. Those not requiring such expansive dimensions should opt for the μ-800, its far more compact cousin, but which offers the same level of performance with shorter travel distances.

Series µ Serie FF HCN HCN-Q 10800 5000/40 10800 16000QS 8800 5000/50 12800 4000 5000 5000/50 5000/50S 6000 6800 Series Horizontal Center
Nexus Mega Orbitec 10800-II 8800 20 10800-II HM Package 12800-II 12800-II Package 4000-III 5000-III 6000-II 6800-II 6800-II HM Package 8800-II 8800-II HM Package

MAZAK laser-cutting machines

The advantage of laser-cutting is that no tools are required and cuts are clean and smooth. The wastage during cutting is also kept to a minimum and the amount of time needed to cure the edge zones is equally negligible. MAZAK’s eleven series of laser-cutting devices are used as specialist solutions for the following applications:

  • Cutting long materials: 3D FABRI GEAR
  • Cutting panel materials: OPTIPLEX, SUPER TURBO
  • Cutting block material: SPACE GEAR

19 different types of laser-cutting machines are available are in total.

MAZAK multi-functional machinery

The multi-functional INTEGREX machines, and other devices from this line with 5-axis controls, open up whole new opportunities for increasing productivity. In the past, several machines would have been required to produce a specific workpiece profile, but MAZAK’s multi-functional machines combine all these processes into one. This enables quicker production, and the elimination of the clamping/set-up times saves the operator time and a great deal of money. Furthermore, a single programme is all that is required to create the ideal workpiece with the desired shape and contours.

The INTEGREX family consist of six series featuring a total of 42 different models. They feature the best ergonomic design and are capable of high productivity.

e-H e-Ramtec e-V i i-V j

The multi-functional machines with 5-axis control surpass the INTEGREX systems in terms of precision and the workpiece contours that are possible. MAZAK assures that these devices are capable of ‘unlimited processing options’, which is no over exaggeration given the machines’ technical performance specifications. This family of devices is home to nine series and a total of 32 different models. The VORTEX II is a special highlight of this product range: it enables particularly complex structures to be created economically and with ease, such as for the aerospace industry. The VORTEX HORIZONTAL PROFILER is also a masterpiece in efficiency and precision. This specialist device is capable of 26,000 RPM, which facilitates rapid production and also enables a particularly fine surface finish.

Series Variaxis i Variaxis j Versatech Vertical Center Nexus Series Vortex e-V Vortex Horizontal Profiler Vortex i Vortex II VTC

Despite strong competition from Germany, MAZAK has been able to hold its own here in Europe. It has operated production facilities in Europe for over 40 years, which means there is a wide selection of second-hand MAZAK machines to choose between. The highly competitive performance specifications of these devices when new can still be achieved with used MAZAK machinery from today’s second-hand market. This is, in part, thanks to the company behind these products, MAZAK, which is highly regarded for its innovations and productive devices, but also its services and long-term commitment to supply MAZAK parts for their used machinery. As a result, second-hand MAZAK machines are highly sought after investments.