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PANHANS Vertical bandsaw
Germany, 71384 Weinstadt

PANHANS Vertical bandsaw

PANHANS Maschinenbau GmbH has a tradition of machinery construction stretching back more than 50 years. Today, the same top-quality materials are used to make their machinery – HOKUBEMA PANHANS is keeping the tradition alive. Despite the change in name, PANHANS used machinery and other PANHANS offers are still easy to find.

Tried-and-tested PANHANS machines for the craft trade are suitable for all requirements. The standard range of PANHANS woodworking machinery includes band saws, sliding table saws, spindle moulders with titling spindles, as well as planers. Used PANHANS machines and PANHANS replacement parts are available from both the German and Austrian subsidiaries.

PANHANS drilling machines

The horizontal slot mortising machine type 116 is the only PANHAN drill-type machine on offer. The PANHANS 116 has a maximum slot length of 240 millimetres. The PANHANS horizontal slot mortising machine comes with many different elements and functions as standard, such as a precision anilox roller and pluggable frame stop with two manual eccentric clamps. The mitre stop fixing degrees are 45°/22.5°. Since PANHANS slot mortising machines are only made from the highest quality materials and are known for their excellent precision, even a used PANHANS slot mortiser is a wise investment.

PANHANS bandsaws

Series BSB Series TBS Series Other Models BSB 400 TBS 800 R 3 V 3-wheel bandsaw BSB 500 TBS 900 R BSB 600 BSB 700 BSB 800 BSB 900

PANHANS BSB band saws are available in six versions, including the popular PANHANS BSB 500 and PANHANS BSB 600 devices. The difference lies in the possible cutting heights and widths. The centre piece of PANHANS BSB band saws is the APA 2 PANHANS blade saw guide at the top and bottom. This device is responsible for the excellent precision and long service life of PANHANS band saws, and also means a used PANHANS band saw is an attractive choice for a range of users.

The minimum cutting height and width of BSB band saws is 205 and 385 millimetres respectively. In higher versions, the cutting height and width increase to a maximum of 330 and 480 millimetres respectively. The same applies to the table size which ranges up to 1280 x 835 in the top model. Featuring a mighty 7.5 PS, this model is also highly motorised to ensure it can process wooden materials in almost any thickness. A suction nozzle is built into every machine as standard.

The PANHANS blade saw guide also forms part of the 3-wheel 3 V band saw, which is also suitable for processing large workpieces.

The band resaws of the TBS 800 R – 900 R range are characterised by a robust design and perfectly aligned functional elements. These PANHANS saws guarantee the finest and most precise cuts, even on large workpieces.

PANHANS sliding table saws

A total of five different sliding table saws can be found in this range. PANHANS also ensures the highest innovation, quality and productivity in their saws.

Series 680 690 V 91 Models 680| 10 690| 10 V 91| 10 680| 20 690| 20

The newest generation of PANHANS sliding table saws can be found within the 680 range. Models 680|10 and 680|20 include a wide selection of enhanced elements and newly developed components. The differences between these models include the size of the operating panel (either on the machine or at eye level) and whether the rip fence is motorised or adjusted manually.

The PANHANS 690 is available in two models: 10 and 20. The sliding table saw 690|10 is known for its safe and efficient operation. The PANHANS 690 B is the same model but with a range of improved optional equipment. The PANHANS 690 version 20 differs from the 690 | 10 only in terms of optional equipment.

The next level up is the PANHANS V91 | 10, which allows positive and negative mitres to be cut without needing to change the workpiece position. The machine guarantees perfect, splinter-free cuts.

PANHANS spindle moulders with tilting spindle

The PANHANS 245 Series is home to the manufacturer’s tilting spindle moulding machines. There are five different models on offer.

  • PANHANS 245 | 10
  • PANHANS 245 | 20
  • PANHANS 245 | 30
  • PANHANS 245 | 40
  • PANHANS 245 | 50

The PANHANS 245 | 10 tiltable milling machine does not feature any electronic controls or functional elements. This means: manual control dials and analogue displays. The machine is primarily suited to small-scale operations with low throughput.

The PANHANS 245 | 20 milling machine features an in-built tilting milling spindle whose range can be adjusted between -5° and +45.5°. It is also fitted with an electronic display showing position and speed. A 30-mm milling spindle comes as standard, which is not changeable. The HKS-80 quick-change system, however, can be included optionally.

In versions 245 | 30, 245 | 40 and 245 | 50, the milling spindle can be pivoted to either side at an angle of - 45.5° up to + 45.5°. Continuous speed regulation is available on all three types. The HKS-80 quick-change system comes as standard with the 245| 40 and 245| 50; it is an optional extra for the 245 | 30.

The PANHANS 250 table saw is no longer produced and can only be found on the second-hand market, but its huge popularity ensures a wide selection. Spindle blocking is manual but the spindle brake is electronic. The machine does not offer continuous speed regulation but does have four speed settings: 3000, 4500, 6000 and 9000 rpm. This also applies to the 259 table saw. The PANHANS 259’s electronic milling spindle can be tilted at an angle of up to 45°.

PANHANS planers

PANHANS produces surface planers, thickness planers and combined surface/thickness planers.

Category Surface planers Thickness planers Combined planers Models 334| 10 436| 10 546| 10 335| 10 336| 10

The 334 | 10, 335 | 10 and 336 | 10 versions are surface planers, which differ in terms of planing width (410, 510 or 630 millimetres). All the models in PANHANS’s planer range are robust and compact. They also produce very low levels of noise thanks to a dynamically balanced cutting head. The machines are all equipped with a planing protective device type 1570 TXF 850. The planing fence can be inclined at angles of up to 45°. A 2850-millimetre fine-planed cast iron table offers optimal gliding properties and is installed in such a way that it is vibration-free. High-performance, precision ball bearings guarantee a long service life and excellent reliability.

The PANHANS 436 | 10 type planer features a vibration-free and non-tilting planing surface, borne by four table spindles to ensure a perfect planing result. The PANHANS 436 has a maximum planing width of 630 millimetres and features two feed motors and two blade shafts.

The surface and thickness planer 546 | 10 twinplan combines two planing processes in one and does not require major set-up changes between work steps.

PANHANS panel saws

PANHAN panel saws can be found in the Euro Series. The PANHANS Euro 10 panel saw is designed in a modular fashion making it ideal for every type of operation, from small workshops through to large-scale industry. The Euro 5 features PLC controls, a display, and a maximum cutting length of 3200 millimetres. The PANHANS Ecopan is an economical, general purpose panel saw whose powerful basic model is easy to use and capable of producing impressive cutting results. The PANHANS Ecopan is built around a compact, space-saving design.

Other PANHANS machines

The PANHANS 261 tenoning machine has a pivotable crosscut fence and pneumatic clamps. The maximum cutting height is 135 millimetres and maximum saw blade diameter is 400 millimetres (the largest saw blade of all their machines). Spindle diameter is 40 millimetres, maximum tenon length totals 170 millimetres.

PANHANS machines are all made from top-quality materials. Their compact and robust design, combined with reliability and long service life make them ideal second-hand devices.

As with all used machines, PANHANS industrial machinery should be carefully inspected beforehand. The most frequently found PANHANS machines on the second-hand market are milling machines, planers, panel saws and the 116 slot mortiser. As for sliding table saws, 690-type devices are widely on offer. The 261 tenoning machine and 259 milling machines are also very popular. BSB Series machines, by contrast, are to find second-hand, as are the machines from the Euro Series.