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SKODA Octavia station wagon 4 x 4 passenger car
SKODA Octavia C 2.0 4x4 passenger car
Switzerland, 6460 Altdorf
SKODA Octavia C 2.0 4x4 passenger car

SKODA Machine Tool is an engineering company that offers a variety of machine tools to industrial clients. Founded in 1859, the company has recorded remarkable growth over the centuries. Although the Second World War led to a decline in growth in the machining industry, the post war period brought a boom, which SKODA capitalized on to realize tremendous growth, significantly diversifying its product portfolio and physical presence. The company specializes in making horizontal drilling and horizontal boring mills, and its sales network extends to over 50 nations of the world. The company's Machine tool division was one of the world's first firms to design and produce sophisticated productions centers.

Headquartered in Tylova, Czech Republic, the company was started in 1859 to make a variety of machines. In 1911, the company manufactured its first industrial machine tools meant for its own use. It was only after First World War that SKODA started making a variety of other machine tools for local and foreign clients. The 1990s saw the company undergo privatization, and venture into new markets. KODA MACHINE TOOL - DÖRRIES SCHARMANN GROUP, s.r.o. was a venture created in the 1990s to enhance efficiency, and it continued to make machining centres, besides developing a new lathe series. SKODA became the majority shareholder in 1996, but in 2005, it sold 98% of its interests to TELONIA TRADING LIMITED of the SIG Group. In 2006, the firm became a joint-venture company. The firm continued to grow and expand into new markets and, in 2011, it entered the ALTA Group of companies. Today, the firm employs over 500 employees and has operations in over 50 countries of the world. Products and Services.

Of the many products that SKODA offers, its HCW-series products (milling and boring machines) are the most popular. The products are designed for a variety of high precision drilling, milling, and boring of big work pieces. The firm offers machining solutions, including HCW, SR and FCW among others. The machines are useful in heavy crankshafts, generator rotor shafts and other complex industrial components. The firm also offers a variety of machining accessories and information regarding various machine tools.

SKODA partners with over 50 companies in the world, including SEIMENS, SKF, SKS Kurim and Heidenhain. The company is expanding into the Asian markets, with operations in China and India.