kone-ehdotukset HOMAG BAZ 322/40/G Machining center

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HOMAG BAZ 322/40/G Machining center

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Nimi   HOMAG BAZ 322/40/G Machining center
Kone nro   224327
Valmistaja   HOMAG
Malli / tyyppi   BAZ 322/40/G
Valmistusvuosi   2003
Kone saatavilla alkaen   immediately
Koneen laatu   ei tarkistettu
Koneen sijainti   12040 Marene CN, Italien

Tekniset tiedot

Mitat noin   9000 x 3000 x 1200 mm
Paino noin   8000 kg


CNC WORKING CENTRE FOR BORING ROUTING EDGE BANDING GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS , Industrial machine with heavy-duty structure , Working area axes "X","Y" axes: 4000 mm - 1600 mm , Travel speed axes "X","Y": 0 - 80 m/min - 0 - 80 m/min , Linear speed axis "Z": 0 - 30 m/min SUPPORTING AREA OF THE PANEL , Suction cups for each work table with vacuum system for the locking of the working piece , Flat work table with internal vacuum system to lock the suction cups where are placed the working pieces , Nr. 1 vacuum pump BORING UNITS , Nr. 1 boring units, each one with the following specifications , Nr. 11 independent spindles for vertical boring in "X" direction , No. 6 independent spindles for vertical boring in "Y" direction , No. 6 spindles for horizontal boring in "X" direction , Nr. 6 spindles for horizontal boring in "Y"direction ROUTING UNITS , Nr. 1 electro-spindle in vertical position - automatic change of the tool - "C" VECTOR AXIS that allows to turn and 360° angle drive heads with rotation regulation in automatic by numerical control - liquid cooling system - motor power 14 KW - HSK F63 ( 1.500 - 18000 RPM) EDGE BANDING UNITS , Automatic device to apply the edge into straight profiles of shaped panels , Max. working panel height with straight edge 60 mm , Applicable banding material in coils: thin edge and PVC up to 3 mm , Independent unit to edge band shaped panels. It's installed on the main frame of the machine - hot-melt glue pot and premelter - spreading roller to regulate the quantity of apllied glue - edge pression roller , Multiple magazine for edge coils with nr. 6 positions, to automatically change the edge type TOOL CHANGER MAGAZINE , Rear tool changer magazine with nr. 18 positions , Angle drive head with 1 output for saw blade to cut the edge and to make cuts and groovings , combined head-unit with double functions of top and bottom edge trimming and edge scraping CONTROL OF THE MACHINE AND ACCESSORIES , Control and program system HOMATIC POWER CONTROL PC 85 + WOODWOP SOFTWARE with the following features: - pc - screen colour - CD-ROM reader - keyboard , Control of axes "X" - "Y" - "Z" - "C" VECTOR , Command board installed on a separated electrical cabinet to control the machine , Separated electrical cabinet NORM AND OPTIONAL FOR THE SECURITY , Security norme CE mark , Protection and sound-proof enclosure of the working units , Protection grids installed on the machine , Front safety carpets , Safety photo-electric cells